Help! My smooth calf mini luggage darkened/had spots :(

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  1. I had some spare time and decided to clean some of the bags I had stored for quite a while. I had some mink oil/beeswax which I use to clean my lambskin flaps and used them to clean the darkened handles of my taupe/camel mini luggage. To my horror, I noticed that rather than lightening the dirty areas, I was actually darkening them help help! How do I reverse what I did? I do not want to be left with an ugly, dirty bag

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  2. Hi! I'm so sorry this is happening - do you have pics?

    E x
  3. Thank you for the concern. Tried using a pencil eraser it seemed to help, but wanting to knownif there is better/safer resolution to this :sad: 1467939453335.jpg

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