Help! My skin is in terrible shape :(

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  1. In my teens & 20s I had perfect skin.. now in my 30s I have horrifying and rampant ancne! But nothing works for it - it just makes my skin dryer which makes it worse :sad:

    I've tried alot - most drugstore & high end lines, Proactive, Prescriptions, Glycolic acids, salycyclic acids, yada yada...

    Dring stuff, chemical based, natural organic based...

    Gentile & harsh....

    Nothing helps :sad:

    Plus... I have to use foundation now not to scare the public... which I'm sure doesn't help. I've tried a tone of those too, but so many of them make it worse :sad: So far, I think Clarins oil free is at least not exaserbating it, but I would love to hear your opinions on this too...

    I'd love to hear what you folks out there are doing and if it's working :flowers::cry:
  2. It sounds like you need to find a new dermatologist...
  3. The only one I've seen was a 6 month wait & she was USELESS. My Dr. mentioned retinols, but I'm still breastfeeding DD & she said I have to stop first. I can't take hormonal BCP for other reasons, so that's out as well as other meds which require you to be on BCP while you take them...

    It's not cyctic, just splotchy...
  4. How long have you tried each product? Sometimes acne gets worse then better in a few weeks....maybe try them for a month?

    What helps me is finding a good moisturizer that won't clog my pores (I like nivea) and I use this after my proactive treatment. I know you don't like proactive, I'm giving it another try. You need to find a good exfoiliator, toner, and cream - doesn't have to be the same product line. Maybe exfoil. every other day. Don't dry out the skin, stick to your moisturizer morning and night. It'll help with pimples.

    I notice a difference when I drink lots of water......good sleep......exercise and I TRY NOT TO TOUCH MY FACE BUT sooooooo hard sometimes!

    Be easy to your skin, maybe it's hormones and will calm down, I don't know you mentioned breastfeeding......???
  5. I think the hiccup with the derm that you saw is that you're breastfeeding and currently, the more popular prescription acne medications are not breastfeeding-friendly. How much longer will you be breastfeeding? Maybe you can visit the derm (or another derm if you don't like the last one) when you've stopped breastfeeding? I swear by tazorac but as your dermatologist pointed out, you can't use retinols when you're breastfeeding. Benzaclin and Duac are not retinol based acne medications and have worked pretty well for me as well, but they are discouraged from being used when breastfeeding. Maybe you're irritating you skin with all those exfoilating/drying products? Have you tried a different moisturizer?
  6. sometimes you have to wait until the product starts to work.. maybe ask

    your gyn...
  7. Have you tried aloe vera? It does help a bit. Also, drink lots of water.
  8. I try to give every regimine at least a few weeks go & I only try 1 new thing at a time. I actually do like Proactiv (the cleanser only) ... it's the most tollerable & effective I've found so far... I'm having alot of trouble with finding a cream though. They all seem to make things worse... I'm currently using a AHA/BHA gel...

    I *never* touch my face... (unless I'm washing it)....

    Sometimes it seems something is working.... then after a couple of weeks, it looks worse than before.
  9. Yes, you are right, but I don't know when DD will stop - we are doing shild led weaning....

    I currently have an Rx for Benzaclin which works, but makes my skin SOOOOOOOO dry... & it hurts & looks so dry & wrinkly. So then I need a cream... and the cycle starts... Aaaaaaaaaarrrg. :censor:
  10. Oh, I actually saw this derm before I had DD. My cerrent GP is also a cosmetic derm & is the one saying retinols, but I have to wait... so yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (I hope) with her, but for now I'm oooogly :sad:

    The one I saw in the past that was useless looked at me & proclaied it wasn't that bad & said to get some sun & practically pushed me out the door. She was AWFUL.
  11. In Canada you don't see a Gyn unless you are pregnant.... your GP does all that kinda stuff...
  12. Not on it's own... I've tried the 99% gel, but not recently.
  13. I have dealt with trying to help my son with acne for the past 6 months.....I can't even begin to say how unhappy I have been with all the dermatologist perscriptions which made his face red and dried out. I myself have some skin issues and am trying to find things that work in the winter.
    I finally found a answer to our problems. LUSH products- they are natural and co not have chemicals in them. I think many others on this forum will agree how grea their products are.
    You can view everything on the website but I order from Macy's in Dadeland-Florida because they ship quicker. The orders online ship from Canada and you wait a month to get your stuff. I order from a girl named Gerri at LUSH her number is 305-662-3434 or 305-668-1774.

    The best cleanser ever is called Angles on Bare Skin---I also use their Dark Angles cleanser a few times a week at night in the shower. I also bought my son the Tea Tree Toner, Gease Lightning spot treatment and the Vanish Cream moisturiser and the Mask of Magnaminty. I am very impressed with the products and have actually switched to their soaps and solid shampoos and conditioners. Once you use their products you are hooked and want more and more of their things.
    I would take the time to look at the website and also call Gerri and she will answer any questions and direct you in what she think will work or not work for you.
  14. I would continue with the proactive system. Give it 6-8 weeks. When the acne gets worse, this is normal (and suuuucks), but stick with the SAME system. It may take a while to clear up, but it won't help if you are introducing new products to your skin all of the time.

    Also, try using the AHA/BHA gel sparingly, and maybe try a CREAM that is moisturizing. You must moisturize your skin, as dead skin clogs pores, and dry skin doesn't allow acne to heal. And wrinkles....moisturize!!

    If you don't like proactive (or just the wash, use it), then try a gentle toner and all-over salyc. or benz. product, then moisturize (thin layer, wait 10 minutes and if skin is TIGHT when you smile, apply another very THIN layer).

    Try a thin thin layer of vasoline before bed on entire face. This doesn't clog pores and will give you quick, long-lasting moisture.

    A stupid myth is that we must DRY and FRY the pimple, sooo not true.
  15. Other than the 99% gel, there is aloe vera juice that you can drink. I tried to drink a small cap everyday in the past and my skin did look better.