HELP! My sisters MAGENTA pleated ergo framed satchel.......?

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  1. ..........has the color coming off and transferring to her clothes!!
    She just got the gorgeous ergo pleated framed satchel is MAGENTA and she wore it to the mall today on her shoulder and when she took it off for lunch the purple/magenta was all over her cream sweater!!!
    WHAT CAN SHE DO??? I told her she should surely take it back. Any opinions or help with this problem??? What about the other colors this bag comes in?????
  2. I am not sure but I don't think she can take it back for that, but I am no expert. I think if she puts Apple on it it might help seal in the color but again somebody might have to chime in that has more experience with this.

    The bag comes in several colors, I have seen it in black, chocolate, burnt orange, and a cream color. I am not sure about the rubbing off on clothes but I would assume anything that is heavily dyed like this would help.

    Sorry I couldn't have been of more help, but that really stinks considering it is a gorgeous bag and that it messed up her sweater.
  3. Oh man, sorry to hear that? Was it raining/snowing? I would go to the store and maybe they will offer her a discount to offset the cost of her sweater? Sounds like this bag missed a process of some sort.
  4. I would also try to return it. Bummer.
  5. The good news is that color transfer so far is not the other way around...color form her clothes on the bag. I agree with trying some Apple but "Baglady" will have the best answer. Hopefully she will weigh in!
  6. Yeah, that is a real bummer. Take it back to coach asap. They seem always be understanding with situations like this. Good Luck!