Help!!! My sister is considering of buying a fake LV.

  1. She's usually very low-key, not purse obsessing like me. However, she told me today that she's considering of buying a Damier wallet from this website
    I tried to tell her that only sells authentic LV but she doesn't listen. She keeps saying that the sacbelle website is authentic. :rant:
    Can someone help me??? I need to find an article or something concrete to show her that Elux is the only online store for LV.:amuse:

  2. Umm I think louis vuitton will have an artical like that.
  3. I don't think you need to find an article. Just tell her to come here. There is an entire thread devoted to sites that sell fakes and several mentions of the only sites that sell authentic LV (elux and

    If all else fails, tell her to call an LV boutique and ask them herself. If she's going to spend $$$, she should have an authentic.
  4. OR...maybe you need to let her do her own thing. Once she buys it and finds out it's fake, she'll never buy an LV bag other than from Eluxury or the actual stores. Everyone needs to learn independently...I think most of us have gone through a phase like this, trying to save some money by internet-shopping, only to find out that luxury really does come with a higher price tag!:biggrin:
  5. I agree, let her call eluxury or louis vuitton themselves and they will let her know they are the only authorized dealers.
  6. QUICK...cut off her hands and gag her......

  7. That is really sad. I hope you stop her before it is to late. Some people are just dumb enough to believe those scammers. Tsk tsk.
  8. Let her buy it and then bring her to LV to get it authenticated!
  9. Oh, I agree with timtimtim^ That will be a reality slap!
  10. easy. sit down with your sister and your parents and ask them to throw her out of the house.

  11. ^ hahaha
  12. Just do like I do. If she buys it, confiscate it. I've got a garage full of fake bags I have to throw away soon! LOL! (relatives with bad fakes). Tell her its for her own good.
  13. oh no !! just get her to come here and read all the post dedicated to fake LV ~
  14. oh no !! just get her to come here and read all the post dedicated to fake LV ~