HELP! My seller's Paypal account is frozen and...

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  1. he wants me to send the money to his girlfriend's Paypal account! I do not feel comfortable doing this!

    I tried to pay him last night after I won the auction and then a message from Paypal came up THE SELLER CURRENTLY CANNOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS. So I emailed him saying I am trying to pay but this message is appearing that you cannot accept payments. Then he says sorry can you send a MO. I said I'd rather pay via Paypal b/c it's the safest way to go. I email him asking if his account has been frozen and here's his response:

    Hi there,
    Yes, my account is frozen for reasons outside of my control. I sent money to someone which put my account in a negative balance and my account has been frozen. until they approve the funds added from my bank account to cover the negative balance i will not be able to receive payment from you. I don't want you to have to wait to receive you bag so you can paypal the money to the following account.... It actaully works out better this way because it is my gf who is selling the bag and this is her paypal account. Once i receive payment your bag will be shipped and a tracking number will be provided. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    What am I supposed to do? (He is in Canada and I'm in the US.)

    I need help! I don't think I'd be covered if anything happened if I send money to his girlfriends account instead of his? TIA!!!

  2. Tell him that you'll wait until the funds are transferred into his account and his account is not frozen to send him money. Just tell him what you've told us, that you're not covered if you send money to his girlfriend's account and you're not comfortable doing that.
  3. you should still be covered under your credit card's protection. and i've managed a chargeback for an off ebay transaction once so you *could* go ahead but if you aren't comfortable don't.
  4. Agree...don't risk it , it's not your fault anyway.
  5. Don't risk it. If he can't get his account unfrozen, tell him 'Sorry, but no can do'.
  6. Thanks for your respones!!! I'm freaking out about this. I don't know this person from a hole in the wall so I will definitely wait for his account to become "unfrozen".

    Maybe he would relist it on his gf's ebay account and I can buy it that way.
  7. I agree with the "don't risk it". The worst possible thing he can do to you is give you a neg which you can respond to stating the Paypal prob, and a neg is much better than lost $$
  8. Stay away from this transaction. Your credit card company will tell you that you have to go thru paypal's protection plan first. I never pay with a M/O for anything. This is too much of a risk.
  9. Just wait to's that simple. If he's legit, he will understand.
  10. ^^^ I know I've been scammed before going off ebay and lost a couple hundred buckers!!! I have learned my lesson BIG TIME! That's why I want to do everything the correct way. I'm definitely not taking a chance.
  11. VERY WELL SAID!!! I will! Thanks!:smile:
  12. I agree, he will understand if he is legit and not trying to scam you, just wait until his account is unfrozen. Better safe then sorry.
  13. Just to give an update...I contacted ebay and they said it was fine to send the money to the g/f's Paypal account. She said I would still be protected by both ebay and Paypal. I paid! I hope it all goes well! Thanks everyone!!!
  14. Good Luck. I seriously hope everything works out for the best!;)
  15. Be sure to update us again!