HELP! My Rock & Republics ruined my Gucci tote!

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  1. *did a search nothing came up crystal clear about this*

    I'm very AWARE the consequences of wearing dark jeans with a fabric bag (its the double signature web handles tote from the luggage collection in brown). I literally threw my jeans on top of my bed with my Gucci tote underneath. Leave for the evening and return to find denim colour transfer! Argh!

    I tried baby wipes with no success... I did almost nothing. I'm so sad to wear it out now :sad:

    Any tips on products or should I take it to the boutique (how much is cleaning). I've seen people recommend great products for protection... But keep in mind I'm in Canada and we don't have half of the stuff recommended!

  2. The leather seats in my car turned blue from my jeans. The only thing that worked was Blue Magic Leather/Vinyl Cleaner. You have to apply it many times for it to get it all off. Mine took probably a dozen times but it came off. Test it on a small area first.
  3. I've heard that Coach signature fabric cleaner works and also Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I would try a small spot first before doing the whole bag tho. Good luck!
  4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took my sister's red hair rinse out of my car's leather upholstery. I'm not sure if it will work wonders with canvas, but it's worth a try. Good luck!
  5. also, since this bag is entirely fabric you could get it dry cleaned.
  6. ^ Has anyone ever done that before? Getting it dry cleaned? It would be a lot cheaper that getting it done through Gucci. I read somewhere they charge 100+
  7. I have used the Coach fabric cleaner and the Forever New Stain Remedy w/ great success. They removed my soy sauce stain from my Gucci canvas bag 99.9%.
  8. Thanks you everyone! I think I'm goin to try the Coach Fabric Cleaner!
  9. ^Let us know how it goes. Take before and after pics if you can.