Help!!! My rabbit is flattened!!!

  1. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    i just wanted to share with you guys..

    his new sleeping style.




    PC300084.JPG PC300085.JPG PC300086.JPG PC300087.JPG
  2. How completely adorable! :heart:
  3. AwWwwW HOW CUTE!!!!!
  4. Hahaha, Honey always does that! It look like she has no feet. Your bunny is tooo cute!
  5. hah! so cute! My cat always does that. I call her the sphinx when she does that.
  6. Too cute, he looks so relaxed!
  7. Just the annoying chick in me but I wanna bug 'em when they look so relaxed... lmao....i do the same to my SO :lol: but your rabbit''s so cute!
  8. Too cute. I love the colors on your rabbit. My rabbit loves to lay with his legs spread out. My kids call it his happy sleep. This is when he just loves to have his face and ears petted. I never knew rabbits could be such great pets until we bought one last year.
  9. there's also a "chicken style" one older rabbit does it all the time...his legs are tucked in beneath his's so funny

  10. both of mine does that seems like they got ran over by a car :p

  11. u know..when i first got both of them i liked to annoy them when they were just falling asleep..they'd get mad and kick their feet real hard on the carpet... :sweatdrop::lol:

  12. do u have pics of ur rabbit to share too?? :yes:

  13. I LOVE seeing the pics of the bunnies on here! I had bunnies growing up because my parents don't like cats and didn't want a dog, so I think they are the best pets! I'd kill to have one now but my apartment doesn't allow them. So I live vicariously through other people :smile:
  14. He's so cute!
  15. My dad always does that! Honey will lay down near him & then suddenly it's poke.. poke.. poke!