Help! My purseket bled on my Neverfull!!!

  1. What can I use to remove the stain, will a damp cloth do?

    Is there a way I can season my black purseket? Will washing help? I don't think it will stop bleeding just by doing spot cleaning.

    I badly want to use the purseket, but because of this bleeding problem, I don't know whether I will still have any use for it. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I would maybe try some baby wipes they are really gentle and should hopefully do the trick!
    I would not use that purseket if it's going to bleed!
    Good luck
  3. Oh wow, this is the 2nd thread in the last few days, I have read where the pursekit has bleed. I guess I will be staying away from them.
  4. ^ i know...there was another thread where someone's black purseket bled and messed up the inside of their bag and their white MC heart coin purse. :sad:

    so yeah, the idea of a purseket sounds cool but i don't think i'll be getting one now. i guess maybe the lighter-colored ones should be ok though. the dark pursekets sounds like bad news. maybe you could try washing it a couple times, and see if that can stop it from bleeding again?
  5. This happened to me....bled all over my neo cabby lining and my MC heart. I returned the purseket for a refund, but that's all they would give me. I had the black one with white polka dots. Please call them and let them know that this happened to you. I used shout wipes on my lining and it came out pretty well. My MC heart is ruined though.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that. I have a pink & red purseket & luckily haven't had any problems with it. I hope the stain comes out.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that! Didn't the same thing happen to another tPFer recently? Maybe try contacting the company? And def. try baby wipes!
  8. I remember your thread about that. I remember Purseket was absolutely no help when you contacted them. They probably won't be much help in this case either. It makes me wonder how many people are going to have to get ruined bags before they acknowledge their defective product?

    Vanniety, good luck getting the staining off your Neverfull... :sad:
  9. Maybe if you can't continue to use this purseket you can make your own? There was a thread last week (?) about a tPFer who made her own. That way before you make it you can wash it to make sure it doesn't bleed? Just a thought.

    Good luck cleaning!!
  10. Oh no, I'm so sorry that hapenned ... I don't have a purseket so I can't offer much advice, but I know how you feel ... I'd be upset if that'd happen to me. Good luck!
  11. Sorry, ugh I feel for you.
  12. I wonder if its a change in material?
    I have used a purseket in several bags and never had an issue...
  13. could be the humidity factor..... warmer climates.... sorry to hear aobut htat! im taking mine out and washing it!!!
  14. Sorry to hear that has happened to you. I hope that the wipes will get all or most of it out for you though keep us updated.
  15. Oh geez! So sorry to hear that! I don't have any pursekette, so I can't offer any advice.