HELP MY PTI FUSHIA WALLET IS DYING :( :( :( - color transfer-?

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  1. i went to get my CC from my wallllllllllet and was helll surprised by this view.. why ? :crybaby:



    it was in my chanel bag, with 1 perfume bottle... u think this is why it happened?can i recover it and have it back like it was?

    its my favourite item of my all LV collection ...

    God i adore the vernis line and dont want to go against it :sad:
  2. Nooo! It looks like it´s gotten wet yes:yucky:
  3. Uh oh! I just bought a framboise wallet, i love it but im scared to use it...
  4. You mean, if it gets wet, it becomes like that?? is it that sensitive???
  5. Is it possible that some of your perfume that you had in your purse might have leaked?
  6. the alchohol in the perfume definitely did it. and im afraid it can't be fixed. :sad: a splash of water won't wreck Vernis leather... unless you soak it.
  7. Due to the sensitivity of the Vernis items, I returned my Framboise PTI after I got it. I couldn't handle damage.
  8. ^^ Oh, that's such a shame... :sad:
  9. :sad:
  10. :crybaby:
  11. Perfume is like nail polish remover. :crybaby: Try to see if one of the Vuitton stores can restore it for you.
  12. Oh no, I've been thinking about getting a Vernis french purse in framboise but after reading this... I'm beginning to get jitters. :sad:
  13. Just about any leather will be damaged by perfume. It's best to keep it out of your bag.
    Sorry this happened to your pretty PTI.
  14. isn't that the framboise color and not fuchsia?
  15. :sad: