Help!! My Presentation from HeLL is coming up.

  1. I am currently taking a break from my studies/preparations for this presentation I have to do Wednesday morning in front of 6 people who have all either published in textbooks or medical journals.
    It is only 10 minutes long, but it is still scary! I have to review a journal article, statistics and all. Ugh!!
    I have no idea what purse to carry. I am kind of concerned about carrying anything designer, as I am doing this in front of six women who are sitting there judging me and/or my presentation. One of my friends mentioned that carrying an expensive bag may cause me more problems in that some people can get jealous. Sad, but this could be true.
    I do have a vintage Gucci portfolio/envelope clutch that might not call too much attention in that it is not that costly, but tasteful.
    I also have my MJ bowler, which I recently took on my job interview and got the job with. However, this might enter the costly category and look like I am showing off.
    My Fendi bags are all too colorful and call too much attention to themselves. I dunno!
    Also, I think I am just totally freaking out at this point. It is downtown Center City Philadelphia and I am a small town girl at heart. Any words of encouragement would help.
  2. OMG Good luck girl! I am absolutely terrified of speaking in front of people, my hands start shaking really really bad. I know you'll do great though. The vintage portfolio sounds subtle enough. Or maybe you could just get another bag. . .?
  3. Are you in med school? I'm sure you will do really well! It sounds like you're planning ahead.

    I guess I might stay away from a really ostentatious purse if this is the very first time you are meeting these women. Maybe go for something that says quality rather than ultra-stylish. Also nothing with loud logos. You want the focus to be on you rather than your most treasured bag. Plus, your friend might have a point, that some people get jealous if they do NOT have a designer bag. NOT that this should normally stop you, but if you are trying to look at the impression you will make from all angles, then I guess that's something to consider.

    Then for future presentations you'll know more about the dress standards. Is this an interview or something? I'm sure you'll do well and don't need to stress:smile:
  4. Not in med school, maybe I should have done that though. It is a sort of interview for a special fellowship for physical or occupational therapists to work with some of the best hand surgeons in the US. It is kind of boring, so I won't go on about it.
    Most of these ladies are published in our text books, one is a PhD at
    Thomas Jefferson, anyway it will be intimidating!
    They don't seem to joke around a lot. However, I still have a good job no matter what happens, it just a matter of making your reputation in the medical community.
  5. First I want to wish good luck. I think if you stay positive, and optimistic everything will go great. Sending good vibes already!:lol:
    I think you should take your Gucci, sounds the most subtle to take. Remember you know your stuff, wish you the best. Keep us inform don't forget.
  6. Thanks, sometimes, you just need a little calming down and internet hug!!
  7. i wish you the best, but am sure you will do wonderful. your gucci sounds great.

    sending a great big hug your way.

    kepp us posted.
  8. I wish you the best of luck! I have an hour and half presentation to a professor and masters students on Tuesday, and am SO lazy at this moment. But hey, I'm studying to be in Occupational Therapy!!!

    As for bags, carry something that LOOKS good, not necessarily full of labels, but just a quality bag. Good luck again!
  9. Stay confident and don't let any bad thoughts go through your head while you're up there. I know you'll do an excellent job regardless of who your audience is.

    Best of luck!!

    oh and ps that Gucci sounds gorgeous, very subtle and professional
  10. I guess maybe you know the Philadelphia Hand Center/Foundation-I have to present in front of Skirven, Callahan, Blackmore, DeTullio, etc. All OTR/L, CHT's.
    An hour and a half presentation, okay, I feel better now! I have just been out of school since I got my master's in 1994, so I'm rusty in the presentation area.
  11. Best of luck, and I'm thinking vintage Gucci? How can they not like that, and if one of them later questions you, say you bought it at a charity auction for <insert fashionable worthy cause in your area> people!

    Am bad! ;)

  12. Actually I did buy it at a charity auction! How funny! Is this a good omen, I hope?
  13. YES IT IS! :biggrin: Positive thinking/Science of Mind - Nap Hill and all those guys and gals who made the US & west great - say go with the flow. :love:

    You have the Righteous Bag. ;) Go expecting good things and if that doesn't work for you try stumbling into a shop or bar today with the attitude "I'm not good enough/don't belong" - they'll pick it up & eject you within an hour! :sick: :sad:

    You deserve that presentation to go well but YOU need to have the right mindset - you can do it, you're a PF gal - go to it and good luck! ;) :biggrin: :love:

  14. Yeah, that's true-I am a PF gal. We are a special group. Besides, after all that tension, I could always stop by the Saks on my way home! Another excuse for a Spy Bag or a Gucci!
  15. Yes!

    Go Girl! ;) :biggrin: