HELP! My (pre-loved) Sophia stinks of cigarettes!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I received my (previously loved) Sophia from eBay which was authenticated here by you pros (thanks~ I love it). Problem is, when I opened the box, it reeks of cigarette smoke. Yuk! I have no idea what to do with it. I read in another thread here on tPF to use fabic softener sheets, but what do you do with them? Do you just put it inside the bag? Do you rub it on the surfaces both inside and outside of the bag? It is just that with the suede interior, and so many different sections of the bag, I am clueless as to what I need to do here. The inside AND outside stink!
    Is this solvable, or should I send it back to the seller? Any advice would be super. Thanks!

  2. Don't you just hate it when you forget to ask about smoke-free home?! This happened to me once and I immediately took the bag outside and pulled the lining out to air. I think the lining of the Sophia can be pulled out. Then I liberally sprinkled baking soda on the lining and left it outside overnight. I brushed it off the next day and repeated the process. Vacuuming the final coating would get all the powder off. A leather cleaner may remove the smoke on the exterior. If that doesn't work, and it might not depending on just how stinky it is, check with your local shoe repair or fine leather cleaner and see if there is anything they can do. Hopefully you won't have to return it. Good luck.
  3. Here is what I would try. Put Sophia plus a dryer sheet or two in a plastic trash bag and close it for a day or so. Maybe the smell will go away. If that doesn't work, then put Sophia in a well-ventilated area for a few days. I'm sure the smell will not stick around forever.
  4. Be patient and the smell will go away. To expedite the process you may want to leave her outdoors in a place with lots of shade and air.

    I visit my smoking parents every year and when I get back home I place all my non washable belongings in my patio for a few days. The smell dissapears even from suede jackets, suitcases, and purses.

    Good luck and Congratulations on your new Sophia. It is a great bag indeed. :nogood:
  5. I had the same thing happen to me with a Balenciaga bag and it still smells slightly...AAAAAGGGGGG I hate it! I tried leather cleaner, didn't try baking soda. I think I will cause it makes me nuts!
  6. I say try everything at once! Pull the lining out, cover it in baking soda, throw it in a bag with some dryer sheets and then check back a couple days later. Try cleaning it with some leather cleaner as well. Worst comes to worst, I've tried febreeze before and it temporarily removes the odor. Test a small area first!
  7. Just a thought... Instead of sprinkling baking soda on the lining try to buy ARM & HAMMER FRIDGE FRESH™ Refrigerator Air Filter and put it inside the bag. It'll save you some time later on brushing it off.
    Good luck!
  8. What about opening up one of those glade neutralizing air fresheners and putting it in there???
  9. ^^ Hehe... I immediately want to sing "Plug it innn plug it innnn!"

    I'd do everything thithi said.. and then seal it up in a bag so that the baking soda has every advantage of soaking up all of the stink.
  10. Thanks so much for all the advice. So much great advice!!!
    Just for reference, here's what I did which seemed to work so far: I used my Coach leather cleaner and Coach leather Moisturizer on the exterior black leather part. Then I put one dryer sheet in each separate compartment and zipped it up inside the compartment, then set the bag outside on my screened deck overnight and during the day today. (it rained overnight so I don't know if the humidity helped, too), but today when I came home from work and checked it, it seems to be OK!
    Thank you ladies for all of your great suggestions! I really appreciate it!
  11. maybe you can email the seller and tell her you are unhappy that it reeks of cigarettes...they should have mentioned that in the auction and ask if you can get a partial refund maybe 30-50 ??
  12. It seems like you were able to take care of it easily, but just in case not all of the smoke odor is out, I just saw these:

    Odor-Out Bag Candies absorbing wick designed to remove smoke odors
    2 for $8:

    I'm not affiliated and have never tried them, but they sound interesting.
  13. Thanks, Miri! They do sound interesting & worth trying!
  14. I would email the seller about a partial refund. If it wasn't mentioned it seems unethical for the seller to just sell a bag without disclosing that to buyers.

    I am glad to hear it is airing out but if you have to buy cleaners or take it to a professional, maybe a partial refund will offset the unforeseen costs.