Help my poor GST!

  1. Hey gals,
    I'm posting partially to vent and to seek help about my now marred GST. Last night I celebrated my bday by going out to dinner and drinks with my friends. Being that we were a large group, the restaurant cramped us into a table where my bf and I were sitting where there was a lot of traffic. I decided to set my bag on the metal base of the table because by hanging it on my seat, people walking by would continually bump my bag.

    Sadly, a clumsy waitress dropped a few plates as she walked by my bf and I. My instinct oddly was not to check my bag but to check to see if my bf was spilled on (he was nearest to the accident). A few drops of BBQ sauce grazed his black shirt and jeans but nothing major. A friend asked if I was spilled on and she asked if my bag was ok. I quckly snatched up my bag from under the table. Lo and behold, that's where most of the BBQ sauce had landed!! It was all over the front of the bag and I quickly panicked and started wiping it with napkins and water. Even after 20 minutes of wiping, the sauce had plastered itself into the stitching and crevices of the the quilting!!!!!

    My bf asked to talk to the manager and eventuough he offered to pay for the cleaning of the bag, he suggested a shoe repair place for me to go to. I was insulted bc he acknowledged that he could not replace a bag that expensive, and yet he still thought I would trust any shoe repair place to clean my GST. Worst is that after the waitress dropped the dishes she kept on walking and didn't apologize!! She only apologized 10 min after the accident happened!!
    I'm soooooo sad and I'm wondering if any of you girls can suggest a good and sympathizing SA at the Chanel store at south coast. I'm having her looked at for repairs and an estimate on the cost. Also should I pay Chanel up front and have the restaurant manager reimburse me or should I get at written estimate from Chanel and get the money from the manager first?? Is cleaning off the BBQ sauce a difficult and costly repair?? Would I need to have the leather replaced??? Any info would help!! Thnx for reading my long post but I knew this is the only place that would empathize with this experience :sad:
  2. can you try getting an estimate from chanel and show the manager the cost of the repair from chanel? that seems like a good idea that way the manager dosen't think that you're trying to cheat him/her..
  3. Ok, I cannot suggest a SA for you, but I just wanted to say I feel your pain. It will come out of the sticthing- eventually I should know- my son threw up in my cambon tote a while back and after much cleaning with baby wipes I got it out. I hope you can get your poor baby, I mean GST sorted and good luck x
  4. thanks keodi and cammi!
  5. aww honey, im so sorry for you, and on your birthday too :sad:

    Is your gst black? I would say of all my chanels, without question my gst is the hardiest cav leather I own and definiately the one that I think will stand up to some serious wear, and more importantly for you, should stand up well to some serious cleaning.

    I hope it works out for you, and your bag is as good as new in no time :smile:
  6. i am so sorry about what happened to you. i woulda killed my bf if he did that to ANY of my bags!! ESPECIALLY CHANEL!!!!!!!!!!!! well.. i thought chanel does free cleaning within on year of purchase? thank god i never had to do that yet! when did you get the bag?
  7. hi!!! good luck with your visit to chanel today. if you need company when you go the restaurant let me know.
  8. sorry that this happened to you !! i had this happened once to my LV pouchette where i smashed the pocket sauce.

    don't know whether it would work on the GST caviar, but i used wipes to detailedly clean the LV bag out, and then POURED water and detergent in and wiped it again....(maybe because the LV is not made of leather, so it could hold water well...) after it dried out, put some baking soda and baked it for a few days..and now it smells like nothing.

    again, it's not leather that i have tried this method....
    but good luck in anycase !!!
  9. So sorry about this. Keodi is right that you should get the estimate Chanel and then give a copy to the manager with a request to pay. I would probably go ahead and pay for the Chanel and just get reimbursed by the restaurant.
  10. Aw, sorry to hear of your experience, and on your birthday no less! I am thinking you can try some leather conditioner such as Appleguard Leather Care, a conditioner/cleaner combined. It wouldn't hurt the leather and if it doesn't remove the stain then you still have the option of taking the bag in for a professional cleaning. My Mom is really hard on her bags and when I use Appleguard on them, they clean up like new.
  11. since it's caviar, i think you can clean it out... I dropped some gravy on my cambon tote last week and quickly wipe it w a wet tissue -- it was okay, no stains etc. good luck. but get an estimate from Chanel... good luck
  12. Sorry to hear about your handbag:sad:, if you need a great SA try Mary Scott/Chanel-SCP (714) 754-7455. Hope everything works out for you:smile:
  13. I'm also going to suggest Marie Scott, she's super nice and a very helpful SA. Good luck and I'm sure it'll be ok.
  14. OMG! I would die! :cry: am so sorry to hear about your predicament. try cleaning them first with baby might help remove the stickyness then have the Chanel experts check if they can repair the damage. Good luck.
  15. What color GST do you have?

    I also agree with Roey. I use Apple Guard leather cleaner on my white caviar jumbo when I notice the stitching getting a bit dirty from wear. It makes it look brand new. I highly suggest trying it. I bought mine from