help~~ my poor Antigua

  1. I accidentally poured leftover pasta into my Antigua Cabas MM. What to do? Dry cleaners?

    Many TIA!!!!
  2. Argh... Is it already 'dry' or did that just happen?
  3. i'm terribly sorry to hear this, but how exactly did this happen? i can't picture how pasta would be that close to your handbag to fall in?....
    i've done some strange things being as clumsy as i am, so i feel for you.
    i would call 866 and ask their recommendations.
    on canvas stains i have had excellent results with sprinkling cornstarch ontot the stain, letting it sit and then brushing it off with a clean lint free cloth--the cornstarch absorbs the stain apparently...hths. good luck!
  4. Why don't you bring it to Louis Vuitton and ask if they can clean it for your. IF not, check out Lovin my Bags. They clean and repair bags so they might help you with your predicamanet. Good luck!
  5. ^^^ but the thing is, if they fix her bag in any way, she can never take it to lv for a fix because it has been tampered with!
    just dont let them replace any canvas or a zipper or anything!!!
  6. ok you gotta give us more info on this one what do you mean you mean you accidently poured pasta into your antigua??
  7. :yes: I don't understand that at all.
  8. WHAT :wtf: How could this happen?

    I would try the dry cleaners but would be worried i wouldnt get my bag back. I'd be brave and toss it onto the washer.. You can ruin it anymore then it already is.
  9. Perhaps used she a lunch-box?
  10. ai~~~ i was kinda drunk, and trying to clean up the table, and my hand was not controlling well, the bag was on the seat. and then the tragedy happened. and all the stained are inside.
  11. perhaps just take a damp cloth and wipe the hell out of it. Maybe use baby wipes ?
  12. go to boutique
  13. Yes, another lesson learned....alcohol and LV do not mix.

    What color antigua is it? I would recommend different things based on color.
  14. mine is pink~~!
    a lesson indeed !!
  15. OH NO!!! Go to the boutique ASAP sand maybe they can do a special clean???