Help! My Paris purchase Marginan is showing Corner Wear After Two Wears

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  1. hi all. I have the marignan that I purchased on vacation in Paris two weeks ago. It was an impulse buy (I had been planning to buy an YSL all week but fell in love with the marginan on site). I knew the corners could develop issues over time but I rotate my bags so often I didn’t think it would be an immediate issue. Two uses later (and less than 2 weeks from purchase), 3 out of the 4 corners are showing wear on the glaze (almost looks like bubbling). I am upset and kicking myself for not buying the YSL.

    If I had bought in the US I wouldn’t hesitate to return. Has anyone returned bags they purchased abroad? I got my tax back from France but I paid tax at customs when I re-entered the US. Does anyone have advice on returning in the USA? I can’t keep this bag, it’s already giving me agita. Oh how I wish I got the YSL :sad:
  2. Just take it to the store and show them the issue. They don’t care where you bought the bag.

    Can you share pics with us?
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  3. Correct, LV doesn’t care where you bought the bag. I recently purchased the Neverfull DE in Las Vegas. Got it home and noticed a defect with the trim. Took the bag to my local store in Dallas and they immediately replaced. No questions asked. I do believe they researched my item first before completing the exchange. Take your receipt because international purchases are not available to review in their computer systems for some reason.
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