Help! My once red eyebrows are now brown (Im a red head)

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  1. My eyebrows have always matched my hair and I just noticed since I got bangs about a month ago that my brows have turned brown. There are still maybe 4 or 5 red hairs in them but thats it. It looks so weird to me when my eyebrows peek out between my bangs. What can I do? Do other red heads have brown eyebrows instead of red. I think it looks so odd but maybe its because I am not used to it.
  2. My mother is a redhead and has brown eyebrows. When I was younger my hair was golden blonde but my eyebrows were really dark brown. I don't think eyebrows and hair color always have to match :smile:
  3. I'm naturally a very dark redhead and my eyebrows have always been sorta ash blonde/brown. It's always bugged the crap outta me too! I use Smashbox Browtech powder and wax to help make them match more.
  4. My brother and niece are also dark redheads and have the same color brows I do.
  5. I am definitely going to try this out! I found a 20% off coupon for Ulta and I will stop by there tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. My eyebrows have always been different also - I go to my esthetician and get them colored! HTH
  7. I'm a natural redhead (light-medium auburn) and my brows have always been a medium to dark brown. My lashes are practically black! I use Sonia Kashuk's Arch Alert brow wax kit, around $10 at Target. 2 of the colors are darker brown and 1 is a light one, but there's one that is the most perfect shade of auburn! I use it daily to fill in a couple of bare spots and add some definition and color to my brows.

    My grandmother and mother are both natural redheads as well, and they both had light brown eyebrows. Most natural redheads I see have either blonde or brown brows.

    I do color my hair sometimes to keep gray at bay, and when I do, I color my brows as well - just use a q-tip and dab a tiny bit of color on them. It helps, but honestly it never lasts more than a week or 2 before they're back to brown.