Help, my next purchase may not be Chanel!!!

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  1. Once upon a time I had a lot of LV bags, in every size,style and color combo you can imagine , but along came the the Chanel virus and it consumed me and I sold all my LV collection to fund my dream of having a classic Chanel. I now currently have 5 Chanel bags and 4 Chanel SLG and 6 custom jewelry pieces. I know it's a small collection compared to the amazing members beautiful collection on this forum, but all this happened within a year .
    This journey has been awesome , because I love and adore the Chanel brand and history and story attached to it, however I don't use them as much as I would like too, bc I fear of damaging them (OCD) lol..
    I never suffered from this (OCD) with my LV bags bc they always looked brand new even with regular use!!! I fear Chanel will show its wear and tear faster and it will kill me!!
    I am now thinking of repurchasing some LV classic handbags back into to my Chanel only collection and I wanted to know if any members here have done the same and did you end up loving the LV or not?
    Thank you all and Happy 4th of July
  2. A few years ago a sold all my LVs, I only had four but they didn't really work for me because most were handheld and I prefer shoulder bags .... In comparison I have about 10 Chanels and really love and use all of them....

    But I realized a needed a large lightweight bag and purchased a LV Sully last year. Love it! I enjoy having at least one mono bag because I love watching the patina develop and IMO LV bags often get better as they age. I think if you miss your LVs definitely add a few back and if for some reason you don't like them they have great resale value
  3. That doesn't sound like a small collection to me! It's all relative, ha. I just bought my first Chanel (reissue in chevron with black hardware) and am using her everyday.

    I think you just have to consider what makes you happy. If the fear of accidentally damaging your Chanels is making you unhappy (which it sounds like it is), then I would add a couple of bags to your collection that you can use on a daily basis, fear-free.

    However, if LV as a brand no longer feels like "you" and you can get over the fear of damaging your Chanels, then I would try to use them as much as you'd like to. They're there for you to enjoy, after all!

    Good luck!
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  4. Thank you so much for your reply!! I am debating between the speedy 35 in DA or the NF GM in DA or the Artisy DA, yes I want that color bc I live in Florida and I can get away with using this color all year.. lol and i would love to use a twilly on the handle.. aim like in twillly mood.. have a beautiful day!!
  5. There is a manger at my Chanel boutique that always tells me she uses all her bags and fine china just in case she isn't here tomorrow!! I really need to use my Chanels I agree.. what are your thoughts on the goyard tote?
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  6. This comment might well get me banned from TPF but as a psychiatrist it really annoys me to see such a serious and debilitating illness as OCD used so colloquially and carelessly when describing something completely unrelated such as worrying about harming a purse. I find it offensive on behalf of my patients. This is not just you- OP- many, many, many people do it to emphasise what they mean and I know you don't mean any harm but please try to be mindful.
    In answer to your question yes do get an LV bag if you will feel more comfortable. Each bag serves a different purpose.
  7. Hi! I used to have that feeling - that I would destroy my Chanel bags - I remember the first bag I ever bought was the cerf tote and I cried when it got rained on (barely) during a passing summer storm. I think that time just made me get over it -- life is short - use your stuff and don't worry. What's the worst thing that could happen? It gets scratched? It's inevitable anyway --

    That being SAID, I do have 2 LVs that I use for travel .. I do generally worry less about them
  8. Oh wow I feel horrible that this upset you, I really meant no harm. I love this forum and its members and I find it difficult to answer to your post ,because I would have to get into my personal and medical issues , and I really don't believe handbag lovers here at this forum will find it interesting me getting into my medical history so that I could explain to you why I used the term. Lets just all be happy we are all here so blessed to have such pretty things and to share:smile: I may hear a ton of things I don't agree with but I respect peoples freedom of speech and expression. Happy 4th of July
  9. I used to feel that way when I got my first Chanel. I was very cautious that I did not use it that much. Though I still have the bag, I prefer smaller bags now. I learned that life is too short to not use these bags. I still buy Chanel but this time I use all of them with normal care. As for LV, why not? If there is something that you love, I would get it. I have LV bags as well. They all serve its purpose :smile:
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  10. Thank you for your reply. I did worry if I had been too harsh and I am sorry if I have been. I know you didn't mean any harm. All the best with your decision- I love Goyard and LV- and do post a pic of your Chanel goodies some time. I love Chanel eye candy! :smile::heart:
  11. Excellent hun, have a beautiful day!! I have never had Goyard so excited to see it..
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  12. #12 Jul 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
    LV and Chanel are completely different. I do not consider them as substitutes or mutually exclusive. I have my Chanel leather flaps and totes, but there's always a need for my LV Neverfull DE GM which my Chanel bags can't fulfill the role in terms of capacity, and my Kusama Speedy is just so different from my Chanel bags and has a character of its own that sets itself apart from the usual LV Speedy that many people are carrying.

    And one more thing, LV canvas isn't indestructible as many are saying. There's a couple of spots on my Neverfull canvas that got worn off and the red lining is showing on the exterior with 1 1/2 years. the piping cracked within a year and had to be repaired. but the canvas can't be repaired.
    on the otherhand, my Chanel lambskin and caviar bags do not have that problem (touchwood!). I use both LV and Chanel bags the same way, so for me, Chanel leather bags are more durable than LV canvas bags.
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  13. I just purchased my first Chanel (trendy woc) and I'm so obsessed with not scratching it. I think it will get easier after the first scratch. I would never (til I buy a new Chanel atleast) wear it as an everyday bag, I want it to feel special, so in my opinion, buy a LV that you can wear and tear (I love my neverfull!)
  14. IMO worrying about damaging your bags takes the fun out of owning them...I know it's easier said than done but do keep it in mind! I know that I am definitely more worried about my Chanel lambskin bags rather than my other bags, but still- once I've put the bag away and used another one for a while then I bring back the old lambskin it still looks like it's in very good condition. And the specific bag I'm talking about is one that I purchased in maybe 2007 or 2008, so a long time ago. So I've definitely stopped babying my bags.

    There is nothing wrong with having both LV and Chanel in your collection. I used to be a pure LV loving girl and only had a couple of Chanel pieces. As time passed by I realized that I am not that hardcore into LV anymore and enjoy having a varied collection. My Chanel bags are a bit more dressy, the LV ones practical, etc. A varied collection means more options for different occasions. I still use my LV bags and I recently bought the pochette metis and find it really cute.
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  15. Last year, I sold my NF DE GM and speedy 30 DE, coz got a little hook with Chanel(I just owned 3purses and a wallet), since they are very expensive I thought it is just practical to sell some LV's. Later on, Ended up getting a pre-loved LV cabas rivington(more like NF DE MM), so crazy I use it to carry my CC flap M/L when travelling. coz I don't want to put either one of them in the luggage when I want to bring both.

    And yes, there's nothing wrong owning diff brands as long as you love using them.