Help, my next BV...


Which Bottega Veneta should I get?

  1. Noce Campana

  2. Carmine Veneta

  3. Carmine Montaigne

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  1. Now that the fall catalog is available, I'm contemplating my next BV purchase. I have it down to 3 choices, noce campana, carmine veneta, or carmine montaigne. I already have the carmine woven ballet flats pre-ordered from Saks. I have no idea what to do.

    I want the noce campana because I don't have a neutral color bag, I love the campana, and rumor has it noce might be discontinued and honestly I like the camel but I'm not crazy about it.

    I like the veneta because it's the classic BV bag, the more I see it I like it and I love the color red.

    I like the montaigne because I would like a doctor bag like shape, and again I love the color red. The only downside to this bag is it looks like it cannot be shoulder carried.

    I'm a little concerned that a carmine bag combined with the flats might be too much.

    I can't try the bags on because there isn't a BV boutique in the DC area (what's up with that?).
  2. OMG-i totally agree with you!! hands down, they need to open up a boutique here in DC or Maryland or NOVA (even better since I live here)

    Saks in Chevy Chase doesnt carry alot of stuff and neither does NM in Tyson's Galleria. Saks in Tysons even got rid of their collection. i suggest you go into a store and look into their handbag book. SA might be able to order a bag for you to see if they carry the particular style in their company.

    On the side note, I will go with a campana-love the shape. I just got mine today from the mail.
  3. I recently had a similar dilemna - mine was either Veneta or Campana. I ended up choosing the Campana in Ebano but I still love the Veneta (it's def on my wishlist for next BV bag).

    Congrats on your flats, I really love Carmine too!
    Hmm.. if I had both bag and shoes in Carmine, I probably *still thinking* will not wear them together but that's not to stop you from enjoying using them seperately? ;)

    I was going to say that if you really, really love Carmine, then you should go for it (in Veneta) since it's only a seasonal colour. But then as you say Noce might be discontinued, then that gets tricky...:sweatdrop:

    myindulgence bought the Iron bag in Carmine and in her post she had a pic with her Iron bag and Noce Veneta (very nice!). This may help you to visualise both colours together...

    Sorry I think I am confused myself...

    PS. I voted for Campana in your poll b/c I am imagining you with your Carmine flats and Noce bag :p

    Ohh and can anyone confirm whether Noce will really be discontinued?
  4. Bprimuslevy, what a dilemma. Out of the three, I would choose Noce Campana since I'm not a fan of Carmino in Nappa. And I agree with you about Noce; while it's a great neutral, I'm afraid I don't think BV does a great job w/ camel brown. I find it a bit washed out compared to camel browns by other brands. Good luck!
  5. I went with the veneta to add a different color to your growing collection

    and heck yeah to the BV boutique in NOVA/MD - I can't believe they have one in NJ of all places - and not here.
  6. I've voted noce campana
  7. I vote noce veneta (haha) - no seriously now, out of these three bags i love the veneta and noce colour.

    having to choose I would say no 1: noce campana, no 2 carmino veneta.
  8. Since you need a neutral bag I think the noce campana would be a great choice.
  9. veneta, a classic, in such a great color, carmine.
  10. Ohh, hard choice. Let's see....going by your own words, I sense that the Noce Campana is the "safe" choice and the Carmino Veneta is perhaps running second? I personally don't think bag/shoes are too much, though I'm not a big matchy girl myself. IMO Noce goes very well with Carmino. Since I do own both colors (do check out my post where they are pictured side by side, thanks silverstar for pointing that out!), I can guarantee that they are complimentary.

    Both have their pluses and minuses. What I would do is take a realistic look at your wardrobe and picture each BV with your outfits. Which one will get more airtime? Or which one fills in your handbag blanks? Take all of your daily handbags in consideration and access what color you may be lacking.

    Long reply, but I hope this helps! Good luck...all choices are winners if you :heart: them!
  11. Carmino Veneta! :p

    It's a killer combo which although is not "neutral", will be a classic bag that will carry you through many many years ahead. :yes:
  12. No one showed any love for the Montaigne.

    I'm leaning towards the Carmine Veneta except for one thing, the shade of red. Looking at the other Carmino thread it seems like the carmino might be too close to a tomato red. It means I love the color but I can't wear it. If its close to Hermes Vermillion it will not look good on me. I'm hoping its closer to the color in the BV catalog.

    Looks like its time to call Ana.
  13. Bprimuslevy, from what I saw at the store, Carmine looked very similar to Hermes' Rouge Vermillon. Just looking at the color again on the online catalog, it looked nothing like that in person! Online it looks like a beautiful cherry red.
  14. The Veneta is the perfect shoulder bag. So comfortable and classy. I vote for that in any colour as it's always a winner and the red is TDF.