Help!!! My New Speedy 35 has a boo-boo!

  1. I just bought the Speedy from my local LV store in Boston. I've had it for about three weeks and the threading on the handle started to unravel. It's only one stitch that has come lose and I'm not sure what to do!

    I guess the logical thing would be to bring it back, but I don't want to have to be without my bag! I've never had a problem with my bags before! :wtf:
  2. Well, honestly, if it needs repair you are going to be without it for awhile. Just call ahead and tell them what you need and ask how long it will take to fix. You've spent your hard earned money on this bag so it is better to get it looked at and fixed rather than get worse down the road! Surely you have another bag to use meanwhile - ?
  3. I would take it back to the store ASAP so that it can be repaired.
  4. If it bothers you, I would recommend bringing it back. If it's a defect, they might exchange on for you. =) Sometimes that starts to happen and if I understand correctly a bit of the thread just "sticks out"... that happened on my speedy 30 but I've had it awhile and there was already a stich where the thread was sticking out so I just cut it.
  5. Take it back!
  6. don't wait any longer bring it back and have them repair or exchange it for you
  7. it'll be tough to be w/o your bag but you've only had it for 3 weeks - definitely have them fix it. Will they be willing to give you a new bag if it already has a defect within 3 weeks?
  8. I don't know why this happens to some Louis Vuitton bags with rolled handles. I had a Keepall that did this once for 7 out of the 8 places on the handle. So there were 7 threads sticking out of the handles of the Keepall. They replaced it without any questions asked and without a receipt. They just gave me a whole new bag and I was set to go.

    It also happens to some other bags of mine, but now I just bring it into the boutique and have them personally cut it.
  9. Thanks for your help guys. Melikemochi- you're exactly right, there is still one little thread on there, but there are three other ones that are just sticking out.

    And I can use one of my other bags, but I just love this one so much!!!
  10. Definitely take it back to the store ASAP !
  11. Oh no...take it back. Better do it now maybe they can exchange it for a new one. If not, it is still covered in the warranty so no worries.
  12. I had to do the same thing with one of my bags, my 35 to be exact except mine had a loose seem where the canvas was and they traded it out right there no questions asked.
  13. Oh no! I'm pretty sure that if you take it to the boutique, they can do something about it. ;)
  14. Take it back! sooner the better
  15. take it back to copley!!