Help!! My new purse seems lopsided!

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  1. I don't know how to describe this but it seems like the left side of the flap is more tilted down than the right side of the flap. Is this normal?
    Is this permanent?
    Why does it do that?
    What causes it?
    How do I fix it?
    Brand new. I just bought it today. My bf said it's not that noticeable but to me it's a HUGE thing.

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  2. Does it look the same when you have the things you carry in it and have it on? I only noticed it because you pointed it out, but if it bothers you, you should see if you can exchange it for another one.
  3. Can you do an exchange for this? My smaller flaps are not lopsided, however I have a maxi that has the same issue due to the weight after I stuff it with a lot of things.

    If it's new I'd recommend you do an exchange as the lopsided flap will always bother you!
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  4. @girlsnstilletos I haven't even use it yet so i don't know about that part. I am though currently stuffing it with some towels to 'mold' it straighter. :whut: lol I really don't know why i think this would help, i'm just trying all possible solution in hope that maybe it was 'squished' during the packing and unsquishing it... if that make any sense :confused1: I think most likely i'm going to return it. I'm just trying every last resort before i do.
    esteemiffy, i'm sure i can return it with will full refund since i haven't even use it yet.
    speaking of that, i do think there may be a possibility that someone bought it, used it, and returned it. i was asking my SA about this other very unique mini and he said it's been there since last fall. He said there's always one or two item that they couldn't sell and he kinda slipped and told us sometime it's because if that item was a returned item then it's just harder to sell. So they do resale a returned item and that kinda scares me. And there is no tag with this bag, only the authentic card. is that normal?
  5. Don't settle, return it cuz I see it too. The diamond shape does not line up. If it bothers you now it will always bother you in the future so return it.
  6. Return it because it will always bother you. Some bags just don't line up perfectly. I ended up returning a new black caviar mini months ago because the flap was slightly misaligned. I tried to love it, but every time I looked at the bag, it looked "off" to me. It was sad because Saks didn't have another rectangular caviar mini and I still haven't found one after all these months.
  7. Return it for sure...I had this same problem with a beautiful tweed classic flap and I'd been looking for a tweed bag for a long time but now I'm so glad I returned it because keeping a bag as expensive as a Chanel with a defect is silly no matter how rare or beautiful :smile:
  8. It looks beautiful in the pic...
  9. I've looked at a lot of jumbos over the years, trying to find the perfect one, and believe me, many of the jumbos I saw had this problem. I think it's the position of the turn lock so if it's not put dead centre it can have this problem. I found it more common in the caviar bags I saw over the lambskin. The caviar jumbo I bought has this problem but I disregarded it as I loved the leather on that bag more than the ones on the "straighter" bags. Don't let it bother you if you love everything else about the bag because as I said it's not a problem that's unique to yours, you will find that most jumbo flaps have this problem, and as I said I have looked at many over the years.
  10. I think it is beautiful and my jumbo in Caviar is the same. I dont worry about it