HELP! my "new" Keepall monogram has a crack

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  1. I just bought a beautiful Keepall 55 with strap yesterday. The bag was sold to me by a man who had received it as a gift (nice gift!). The Keepall is genuine and the condition is immaculate. It has in fact, never been out of the box.

    Upon examining it today, I'm noticing that where the bag was folded and left in the box (for 1 year) there are some severe wrinkles in the monogram canvas. I'm assuming that after I let the bag warm up and reshape that those wrinkles will soften. But what REALLY concerns me is that there are a few tiny cracks that have formed in the canvas.

    Can anyone tell me what happens to the canvas once these tiny cracks form? Am I obsessing, or is these cracks going to spread like a "run" in a pair of pantyhose?

  2. This happened to my Keepall sadly, the tears developed since the Keepall was stored in the box for a long period of time. It doesn't spread provided that you keep it stored out of the box and avoid folding it. Hope that helps.
  3. Eeek, sorry this happened! As Michelle1025 stated, this happens when you fold bags for too long. Since you haven't used it in a while, the canvas must have dried up, making it stiffer and subject to cracking. Stuff the keepall with some tissue paper or clean t-shirts to keep it in shape. Also you could periodically moisturize the canvas...I like using Apple Leather Conditioner.
  4. There is a conditioner spesifically for canvas...
    and I think its Lexol... lemme check...

    got this from a cleaning LV thead.
    hope this helps.

  5. I have creases on canvas and leather on my keepall. They will disapeare (good word?) when You unfold and stuff with smth (pillow). good luck!!
  6. good luck
  7. wow. just be super careful with it, and avoid prolonged exposure to ANYTHING that may harm it!
  8. Good luck, hope the wrinkles soften and the cracks don;t spread!
  9. I keep a small blanket in mine, it helps it keep it's shape
  10. oh gosh :sad: Hopefully b ok
  11. Just to let everyone know... I went out and found "Vinylex" and used it on all my monogram pieces. I really like this product. I found that at first, the surfaces felt slick. But then after the product dried, It left them feeling new and kinda "silky". I highly recommend it!
  12. haha.. mine's the same way! i wonder what happened... :supacool: lol.

    i just store mine stuffed with a couple of pillows and out in the open air now. plus it looks pretty next to my bed.. haha. i like to look at it. :nuts: it's fine.. i haven't had the opportunity to ask if it can be fixed just yet, but it doesn't look like it effects the canvas' quality or anything like that...
  13. Yeah I don't really think there's anything you can do for cracks in canvas. My dad asked about it one time and they told him it couldn't be repaired because it could cause the cracks to spread.
    You can condition the canvas but the actual cracks really can't be fixed.
  14. I keep my keepalls stored stuffed with towels also. Good Luck.
  15. Once you purchase a keepall, never return it to it's's SUCH torture for the bag. Folding it the way Vuitton does is awful, I really dont understand why they do it that way??

    Stuff with pillows, and that should prevent any of the cracks from getting worse, and also help smoothen the creases at its folding points. Don't sweat it though, every keepall owner has to dealing with this issue. :yucky:

    ~But I still love it of course!