Help! My new French Blue Twiggy's leather is peeling!

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  1. Help!!!

    I bought a brand new French Blue Twiggy, and I am noticing that there are tiny nicks in the leather which appear as though they are beginning to peel off!

    The bag was purchased on 2/16 from BalNY by the original owner and never used. I bought it the week after from her, and received it a few days later. Let me iterate that I have NOT used this bag, nor have I taken it outside.

    I noticed this today when I was admiring my Bbag collection...I like to look at it in the light, etc. Then I noticed on the French Blue twiggy that there were lifted areas on the leather, as though it is beginning to peel. I realize that Balenciaga bags have natural distressing, but any inkling of peeling to me is a defect. I'd like to take it to BalNY to see if I can exchange it, but the problem with this is, I'm not the one who purchased it from them! Should I contact the original owner and tell her to call them on my behalf? What should I do??? :push:
  2. Here are Photos:
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  3. mimi, I'm sorry about your bag. That does look like a crack in the leather.

    Maybe the original seller would be willing to provide you with the receipt, it's worth a try. Good luck.
  4. Are those little white areas where it's lifting? If so, that definitely doesn't look right.

    Do you and the seller live in the same area? If so, the seller can call her SA and explain she gave you the bag she just bought and you're going to bring it in for an exchange...the bag is less than a month old, so they should do it. After all, if she bought it for you as a gift, you'd be able to exchange it for one in better why would it be different just because she sold it to you?

    Or you could call your normal SA and say you received one as a gift and it's should you handle an exchange...etc.
  5. ^^^Definitely get the receipt if you don't already have it!
  6. Yes, those white areas are where it's peeling...I'd highlight it using MS Paint if I could, but I'm using a Mac! (is there a program equivalent to MS paint on Mac??)

    The seller doesn't live close to me (she lives in XXXXX) and I live in NJ, about 45 minutes from NYC, so it's not a problem for me to go to BalNY. The seller and I had the same SA (XXXXXx). XXXXX pretty much knows who I am, since I've bothered her enough when I purchased my first Bbag there...

    I will contact the seller and see if she would be willing to help me out...
  7. :sad: I'm so sorry to hear about the cracking/peeling and to see that it has happened to your brand new twiggy! I hope it helps that XXXXXx is both of your SA and BalNY should do something for that as no bag should be peeling like that and so soon, too! Good luck and keep us updated on how things turn out!
  8. Thanks for the support highglossfinish and mintpearl!

    The seller and I have gotten in contact, and she will be vouching for me. Hopefully, BalNY will be cooperative with letting me exchange the bag especially since it's past the 10 day exchange period! It's still less than 1 month since the bag was purchased originally, so I am crossing my fingers. I think I'll be going to the boutique in person tomorrow with the bag and tell her personally what is going on. I find it's always better to go in person in situations like this, rather than calling on the phone.

    I will definitely keep you guys updated...and if I have the opportunity, I'll report on what they currently have in stock! :graucho:
  9. Good luck!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXX is lovely and I hope she helps you out!!! I better go check my french blue twiggy too!!!!
  10. thank god you can exchange it. My navy has peeling like that but after 6 months of use.... There's pretty much nothing you can do about it, I've moisturized it to death and the peeling's still the same.
  11. Oh no, that's really terrible danae!! Even treating the bag with moisturizer didn't help at all :wtf:!

    I'm still not sure I can exchange it, but we will see....XXXXXXXX really is very nice, but they are quite strict about their exchange policy at BalNY. I don't know how they deal with defective bags there. I hope they don't say "well, that is what distressed leather is supposed to be like, yadda yadda yadda" or "that is constituted as normal wear and tear, yadda yadda". I haven't even used it!
  12. OMG! it looks scary, i really really hope you can exchange it :crybaby:
  13. I don't think that's normal wear...not within 30 days of purchase. There was something wrong with dying/finishing process -- these bags are supposed to last for years.

    I'm sure XXXXXXXX will do what she can for you, and it definitely helps that she's the seller's SA, too. Keep us informed!
  14. That looks as though something didn't go right during the tanning process when they tanned the leather they used for that bag. I have a friend that works with leather for a living and she has shown me all sorts of things that can happen when leather isn't properly tanned. I would think they'd exchange a bag like that, since this is a high end bag.
  15. Even thought it is after the 10 day period, I would think that peeling would be considered a manufacturing defect and thus would be taken care of by Bal? Even 6 months in peeling of leather in a high end bag is unaccceptable. I equate that to if I by a sweater and the seam tears 3 months in because of poor stitching - I expect a replacement or a refund!
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