Help! My new denim baggy's vachetta is FRAYING!!!

  1. Hey guys, this is really sad....My newly bought denim baggy pm has only been out like twice since I got her on Monday, and now I've noticed fraying on the vachetta next to the zipper pull (pics attached below). It's strange because my arms or body are not rubbing against this part of the leather in any way as I carry her on my right shoulder, so that the posterior leather will be free of abrasion!

    I compared pictures of the leather right after I had bought her (the first photo), and there seems to be very slight fraying already. If it actually stayed that way it wouldn't really bother me, but the fraying is just getting worse (see photos 2-4)! For comparison, pic #5 is taken from my black mc pochette which is 3 years old and has no fraying at all, albeit being constantly rubbed against my underarms...

    Is this normal or will it get worse with time? What should I do? Just leave it or take her in to the boutique again and exchange for something else as this is a quality flaw?

    PS.: I can't change her for another denim baggy pm because the other two in the store have many little flaws already, and they cannot order more in until they have sold them out it would have to be something else, not sure though yet....but I really do love my baggy! Thanx in advance everyone! :heart:
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  2. Oh no! Can you take the baggy pm into LV and have someone check on it? That fraying shouldn't even be there at all!! I hope you can get a replacement or something! Good luck!
  3. Looks like the hardware from the zipper pull is causing the abrasion. You might want to take it LV and have it replaced because it does look like it will get progressively worst.
  4. I think it looks normal...

    my first LV looked way worse than that when I bought it and every single LV bag+accessory with leather parts have "frayed" (although not as much as my first one)
  5. What about ordering from Elux and returning this bag.?
    I never had this suse with my blue baggy and it was new when i got it. I just checked my pink one and its starting to fray but its used, so it seems like its going to do this anyway over time /using it.

    I say keep it and enjoy it.
  6. I would take it back. You paid too much to have it do that so soon after you bought it.
  7. Yes, I also think it must be coming from the zipper pull somehow, there seems to be no other explanation...:shrugs:
  8. ^^Cecilia: hmm...this is my first 'fraying' experience :crybaby:so sad....I just hope it won't get worse!

    Bagfetish: I live in Germany and unfortunately cannot order via elux as they won't ship internationally....I really wouldn't mind the fraying if it happens after, say a couple of months, but this is only after like 4 days! :cry:

    Crjhht: maybe I should bring it back and show them, it was extremely expensive anyway for a denim item, but I love it so much!

    Arrgh....don't know what to do! Bottom line: if the fraying won't get any worse then I'll keep it cuz I really love her....BUT if it worsens then I'll have to exchange her.

    Any input is highly appreciated, thanx!
  9. How could it be coming from the zipper pull when it appears that the metal of the zipper doesn't even touch the leather?
  10. The base of the zipper will actually rub against the inner part of the leather when the bag is worn over the shoulder and I need to open the zipper, because the bag slouches and gravitates towards the bottom, esp. with wallet/cell phone/keys inside. Strange thing is it's only happening in certain areas of the vachetta. I think the vachetta may have areas of weakness so that fraying will occur as rubbing/abrasion proceeds..
  11. Take it back, thats just not acceptable.
  12. Interesting. I wonder if this happens to the baggy gm as well?
  13. Altho, I have not had this type of fraying, I think in general, once something starts fraying, it is a gradual process. Take it back! It cost way too much for that to happen and you deserve better. Sorry for your trouble! :mad:
  14. Nothing Stays New Forever! You Use It, Things Happen. Get Over It.
  15. I understand how heartbroken you are and I don't blame you. I remember reading your thread when you first got this bag a few days ago and how you actually looked at all 3 or so bags to find the perfect one, hence your hesitation to exchange for one of the others at the store. However, I would still bring it in and ask them what they can do for you. Perhaps they can repair it and you can keep the same bag. I truly hope it works out for you, you deserve a perfect pristine bag and nothing less. Please keep us posted and good luck!