HELP!!! My new dark jeans rubbed off on my Beige Canvas Gucci and Stained it!!

  1. I bought a pair of dark wide leg jeans and wore my beige canvas tote. It hangs low because it is pretty big. Anyway, when I got home, I noticed that the color on my jeans had rubbed off onto the bag, creating a stain!! What can I do to remove this? It is such a dark color, and I don't want to create any further stains on the bag? Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate it!:crybaby:
  2. awww im sorry that happened to you :sad: that really sucks. i had a white coach hobo several years back and the exact same thing happened to me as
    well. i tried to fix it but only made it worse so i just left it alone. Sorry im
    not much help.
  3. I use baby wipes on my canvas bags....
    or Call Gucci maybe they can suggest something?
    That sucks!
  4. Hi that has hapened to me several times..I use a leather mosittorizor (I probably spelled that wrong) made by COACH, it was suggested by my SA at Gucci in Chicago..and it worked pretty may not get it all out, but it should help...but first contact your local GUcc store for their suggestions first.
  5. What brand jeans were these?
  6. If you haven't owned the bag long I would see if you could return it.
  7. When i bought my Gucci purse at a Gucci store, they told me that if the bag stained, etc. that you could bring it to the store, and they could have it cleaned for about $20. Hope this helps.:shame:
  8. yes, definitely bring it in before you try anything on your own that might make it worse. let us know how it goes!
  9. That's why i don't buy Gucci GG Fabric items anymore...they turn you threading isn't a defect:crybaby:...considered normal wear and tear...Gucci says...!!! i know Gucci has the yearsss guarantees...but they really dont guarantee anything in my opinion...:crybaby:

  10. I just go a 5 inch long blue pen ink mark on my cream gucci peggy, I nearly fainted when I saw it! I'm sorry about your jeans rubbing off on your baby, know that I feel you!

    However there may be some hope, some girls on this forum recommended I try Amodex Ink & Stain Remover to get it out, I'll report back on how that works! In the meanwhile, here's the link to the product:
  11. There are dark washed Hudson jeans
  12. Thanks for all of your help everyone!!! Please get back to me if anything works. I am going to try to take it to the Gucci store and see what they can do. This is my first Gucci fabric and it does suprisingly wear very fast. The corners of the bag are starting to shred a bit. I am very disappointed considering the money I paid for it and the fact that I don't use it very often. I think I am safer with leather.
  13. I have the same problem, but mine seemed to have been from my new brown leather jacket. I tried baby wipes but still didn't take the stain off! Frustrating! Thank you all for the tips ... I'll see how much Gucci in Melbourne will charge to get this awful stain out!
  14. with hermes scarves that bleed dye onto lighter colored silk, i was told to pour boiling water over the transferred dye and the water would wash it away...maybe u can use same method for the bag??
  15. heres a reference:

    and keep in mind this thread is from 2007!!!!!!