Help! My new Bulga Bag

  1. I recently, just today! Got my Cognac Bulga bag in the mail and I don't know if I am all that pleased with it! It scratches and I know it says vintage but there are a lot of nail marks or something on it! I was wondering if any of you have the same bag ( Zip Cresent) and are you pleased with the quality?
  2. Hi Marcie, I do have a similar issue, I described it a streaky-looking. Here's a pic. I think almost unavoidable because of the nature of the leather.

    But what's interesting is that I wrote to and a lady named Barbara recommended a leather cleaner from while a guy named Frank wrote to another PF member that they are still formulating their cleaner. The cleaner sounds good though!

    "State of the art surfactants remove deep soil without damaging the leather
    Non-volatile silicone moisturizers leave a lasting suppleness to the leather
    Proper pH renews strength to leather fibers weakened by soaps (most cleaners on the market are soap based)
    Inclusive polymer blend literally resurfaces worn or chaffed areas, thus renewing the surface integrity
    Leaves behind a protective leather finish to guard against further damage and wear
    Imparts a powerful stain repellant based on a product developed specifically for leather
    Restores color on some leather
    Can be used on unfishined and exotic leathers
    This means fabulous care for your luxury handbag!"
    Bulga Flap Satchel Back 2.jpg
  3. I used a dap of apple garde conditioner on my scratches and it worked like a charm. Both my Bulgas had scratches on the leather, but most of it was superficial.