HELP! My new Batignolles! ADVICE! A little long

  1. Okay - I need your advice, other PF members - what do I do? ???

    As you know, I got my beautiful new Batignolles Horizontal yesterday and am was so excited about it! However, my shoulders are really sloping and it won't stay on my shoulders at all! Not just one strap - the whole bag! So, I e-mailed my 21 year old at college with a picture of the bag and she absolutely fell in love! I told her she could have it for classes and stuff and she was SO EXCITED!

    Enter the 16 year old - who got home from a night at her friend's house this morning. Sees both bags - knows I was wanting the Speedy 30 - didn't know about the BH and gets all teary and excited - she thought it was for her! She's hugging me and I'm sitting here like oh my gosh - what do I do???? The bag is promised to my 21 year old - who has worked SO hard and really deserves a treat. The 16 year old is very sweet too and the bag looks darling on her as well! Do I try to get another Batignolles for the 16 year old; and, if I do that - what do I do about my 19 year old who doesn't know anything about the other two girls, and the bag, and who is also in college? I can give her the Speedy 25 that just got new handles . . . (and I know she wanted a speedy so that might be okay). But I'm not sure I can afford another Batignolles right now for the 16 year old (spent right around $600.00 for the one I got).

    I feel like King Solomon - only it's a Louis Vuitton bag! I don't mind at all giving it to one of the girls - that's great - and I have my beautiful new Speedy - but what do I do??? (The Speedy 30 is too big for any of the girls)
    Help! - Having three that love Louis . . . oh NO!
  2. That is sweet -- but it is, as you say, a problem! I would explain to the 16-yr-old that you had just promised the BH to the 21-yr-old, but that as soon as you can locate an equally affordable BH, and when you can comfortably afford said equally affordable BH -- she can get one, too. What about calling all three bags (1st BH, Speedy 25 for the 19-yr-old, and future BH) holiday gifts for the girls? Good luck!
  3. LOL Well I am 23 and have a 16 (she will be 17 next month) year old sister.

    As the oldest sibling, I definitely recommend you giving the 21 year old WHATEVER bag she wants:lol:

    Honestly, though, I think that I would give the BH to your oldest girl. Then, let your other 2 daughters know that they can expect an LV as a combo christmas/good semester grade present!! That way, they will be super motivated to get awesome grades (since I am sure that they already have, given their smart mama!!) and will give you some time to sock away some extra $$$ to buy the bags.

    Good luck!! :smile:
  4. I think that's a great idea - since I had already promised it to the 21 year old and she really has worked SO hard (she is doing her medical school secondary applications). I'm going to tell the 16 year old she is welcome to have my Babylone for now and as soon as I find another nice used one, I will get it for her. (Then I'll madly work some extra hours OT for a few weeks to go ahead and get it for her). At the same time, I can give the Speedy with the new handles (the Speedy 25) to the 19 year old so she doesn't feel left out.

    If I work extra every night for about a month, I should be able to go ahead with the second Batignolles (I don't like to use credit cards).
  5. What a generous mom!
  6. I'm a very lucky mom - I've been blessed with great kids!
  7. Charleston-Mom- I love stories like this....Mom and daughter's sounds like you have a great relationship and it goes both ways. Let us know what you work out.:flowers:
  8. you're such a sweet mom, Charleston-mom!!!
    I think you should definitely give priority to the eldest because like you said, she has been working so hard for it. and the youngest will just have to wait for their turn.....
    But then you are sooooo sweet to them. really. I wonder if my mum will do the same if these things happen to her. lol.
  9. Pink - I'm sure she will - you've got a wonderful nature - how could she not?!
  10. i know! you're one cool mom!
    haha i wish my mom bought me LV!! haha i do love her anyway though!
  11. You are such a sweet mom!!!:heart:

    I agree with the others. I would give the BH to your eldest daughter. She definitely deserves it and has worked very hard.:yes: The other will get their turn. You can tell them that if they work hard, in the future they, too, will be rewarded with a lovely LV.
  12. I agree with all the others. Give it to the eldest. The other two will get their eventually, KWIM? But the eldest gets it first. :yes:
  13. They each have one already (they got to each pick one at the Boutique for Christmas last year - eldest got a Speedy 25, Middle one picked a papillon and the youngest picked a mini looping) so they each have one - THAT WAS SO FUN. The middle wanted a speedy too - so she should be good for now with the Speedy that just got new handles. I am going to fed ex the BH to the oldest tomorrow morning and will work a bunch of overtime to get the youngest a BH (preloved too) on Ebay. Funny, when they were little, I had to buy 3 of every beanie baby. That was so much easier than when they all love Louis Vuittons! (LOL)
  14. ^ you are such a sweet and generous mom... no wonder you have such good kids!
  15. Wow, You really are very fortunate all your daughters have their mothers great taste!

    They sound like good kids too, so thank your lucky stars as they seem to be smart also and they have good solid futures. Guess oldest gets the new bag that she covets and isn't working for you anyway. I'd probably ask the 16 and 19 year olds what they'd like...within reason...remember Christmas is coming up...could be another trip to the shop is on the horizon??? Whatever you do...Please let us know!!!

    I'm glad I only have one 9 year old daughter...LOL!!!! Today we got her a reward for being wonderful...a pink Tamagothci...she is loving it...