Help! My new bag smells!

  1. I purchased the Alex Zipp in black from the LP website last week on sale. I love the bag; I received it in record time; but the bag has a TERRIBLE chemical smell!!! Has anyone else had this problem? Will it eventually go away?
  2. Weird, No I have never had a weird smell. The smell is always of leather. i would email them asap
  3. My Dylan Crossbody Carryall has a strong smell as well. The smell permeates the whole room.
  4. Wow, no, I have never noticed this on an LP bag. Wonder what's causing it...
  5. My coral Dylan Crossbody Carryall has an odor so strong it's literally lights up the whole room.

    It doesn't bother me though... neither does the smell of permanent markers, gas...
  6. I am happy to report that my bag is beginning to lose its odor. Perhaps, it just needed to 'breathe'!!!!
  7. I wonder if that's what the dye smells like and if they don't let it air out before "bagging it" it just lingers?
  8. ^ Probably.
  9. It's not the leather. The stink is the zebra printed tissue! It smells like insecticide to me. Get the bag far away from the tissue and air it out pronto.
    The correct leather scent will soon prevail to your senses.