~ HELP!!! :( My new Agenda, NOT so new:(!!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Well, this is my dilemma.:crybaby:
    I was recently searching eBay for an Agenda. I really liked the idea of having a nice and cute agenda opposed to the cheap ones you throw away at years end.
    So, I found one on eBay; it is a indigo monogram matte pm agenda. The pictures in the auction showed minor water marks/damage spots to the cover of the agenda, and the seller stated there was "some damage" to the agenda.
    I figured the small amount of water spots to the front was no big deal, so I went ahead with bidding on the item. I won it last week, and was thrilled!!
    So, Friday (Oct. 19) it finally arrived and I opened it up to find horror.
    Not only was there damage to the cover, BUT there was extensive damage to the spine AND the back cover as well:wtf::yucky:.
    I immiately contacted the seller, and asked for a refund. Her reply was she does not offer refunds.:sad:
    So now what do I do??!!:shrugs:
    I thought about filing a claim with paypal... do you think I have a case??:s

    I really am disapointed, this was supposed to be a birthday gift for myself, and now i'm just heart broken.

    Please help me out, I really am unsure of where to go form here.:shrugs:
    Thank you!!:heart:
  2. Yes, file a claim thru Paypal for 'significantly not as described'. Keep all pertinent materials related to the transaction such as the packaging, etc.
    Take some pics too for your own reference and so you can submit them to Paypal if and when the time comes so they can be compared to hers. With any luck, once she receives notice of the dispute thru Paypal, she'll back down and have you send it back. Be sure you get a tracking number for the return so that you can prove you sent it back to her.

    Regardless, it's worth it to file the claim as, if she doesn't relent, then you can escalate the dispute to a claim and allow Paypal to make the decision as to whether or not you received what was promised. There's no cost to you to do any of this except your time, so I'd be sure to follow thru on this one. Good luck!
  3. ITA - it doesn't matter if she 'doesn't do refunds' - uh -- too bad scammer lady!!! File with paypal right away - this will freeze that money in her account!
  4. Thank you both so much!!!:smile:
    Cyndee that is very helpful information, I did file a dispute with paypal!

    Should I try to resolve the issue? Or go right to filing a claim and let paypal decide?
    I'm afraid she may ignore the situation and run away, for she hasn't answered my latest e-mails sent yesterday, as well as the e-mail paypal sends with you file a dispute.

    Thank youu:heart:
  5. I would first see what she has to say - give her a chance to make good - but remember you only have 21 days to escalate it to a complaint so if she agrees to have you send it back for a refund make sure you have a tracking # on it so you know she got it.
  6. hmm, i think you can def. file a claim with paypal (item significantly not as described)...good luck! honestly, it's hard to find agendas in good condition on eBay...
  7. Be honest with your claim. Are you sure the info was not disclosed in the auction??

    Make sure you ask tons of ?'s when you buy used. She obviousley disclosed that there was damage, so she was not dishonest.
  8. Oh yes, about the auction pictures (see Ebay link)
    The only marks I perceived to be on the agenda are pictured on the shot of the cover. There appears to be only those minor water stains, however I will show you the true damage later on.
  9. I saw that auction. I didn't bid because of the damage. I am REALLY picky about buying used LV. I would rather pay more and get a brand new one.

    She doesn't HAVE to give you a refund. I don't think what she did is right and I am NOT defending the seller, but for future purchases ask for a lot of photos that are more detailed! Then maybe you will see the actual damage.
  10. All she shows is the pics are a couple of little marks on the front in the centre. Any more than that and you can file for 'item significantly not as described' - then she does have to pay you back because she broke policy.
    She says there are 'a few marks' -- she repeated this twice but didn't show pics or gives details - sounds like she was feeling guilty because she knew she was lying.
  11. If it's more than the "few marks" or "few scuffs" that she described, you should file the "not as described" complaint..it's the right thing to do! Sellers that deceive by not fully disclosing the condition are doing the wrong thing...and giving ebay sellers a bad rep! Not nice!:sad:
  12. Thank you ladies :smile:
    I'm trying to figure out how to upload the real pictures to my computer, they will be up very soon.
    Should I go right to a claim? The last message I received she was still refusing a refund.:cry:
  13. Here's MY pictures of the agenda, which show the true damage.:sad:

  14. Those marks should've been disclosed. Go and file a SNAD. Good luck with getting your money back. The seller obviouly knows that the buyer is going to be unhappy with their purchase when they don't disclose that kind of damage.