Help My Mom's Coach got Skunk'd!

  1. Ok so my Mom's leather Coach purse was next to her dog that had just gotten sprayed by a skunk! She didn't think about the purse that night- as she was giving the dog a tomato & vinegar bath :tdown:.... but the next day, she kept smelling it and realized he must have shook some of the oil onto her purse! :wtf: So she took everything out of it and placed it outside where the air was cold... I've done this with my leather coats when they get smoky from bars.... but anyway... what should she do if it doesn't just air out?

    I just bought her the purse for Christmas last year, and I don't live near her to investigate the damage! But please help if anyone has any suggestions! My dad wants to put saddle soap on it! I told him not to TOUCH that purse.. and that she needs to take it to a Coach store and see what they suggest.

    My Mom said it's only a slight odor and that my Dad says he can't even smell it... but my Mom is flippin out!
  2. holy.cow.
    that is horrible! I'm sorry I have no solution, but I do wish her all the best in finding one.

    Well, I do have a suggestion. Lowes sells these bags of charcoals that are meant to take the smell out of rooms and such, kinda meant for a basement. They're little bags and I cannot for the life of me remember what they are called. They do not omit a smell, jut absorb smells and no residue, it's in a special type of bag. She could get one and tie up the charcoal bag and the coach in a garbage bag overnight or something and hopefully that will absorb the smell.
  3. try baking soda. put the box inside the purse or the bag and the box in a plastic bag and leave it over night.:yes:
  4. I agree with one of the above two, use something to absorb odor into the bag. Even some dryer sheets could help. Then I'd condition the leather with a good moisturizer just for good measure. I hope it works out for her. Hope the dog's OK now too!
  5. I know charcoal is good for removing odor. Baking soda would probably help too. Try one, or both, of those ideas. Dogs...they're as bad or worse than kids sometimes, lol!
  6. That's awful. I have no idea what'd be good to remove the smell.
  7. go to coach they always know best
  8. Cat litter works the same way as Baking Soda - carefully put an open container inside the bag for a couple of days. This works well with smoke smells.

    I think though your mum might need to take the bag to have professionally cleaned.