HELP!! My mom wants me to SELL MY KELLY or she'll kick me out!!! :(:(:(

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  1. I just bought a gorgeous 32cm Rouge H Kelly bag from another PFer, and tonight my boyfriend slipped and told my mom how much it costs!!!! My mom almost died because I talked about wanting that purse before, and she said if I got it she would kick me out!! :shame: (My mom will only buy Dooney & Bourkes, and she thinks those are expensive!) She says at my age (19) it's ridiculous to have such expensive items, and if I can spend 4 grand on a bag, I should help her pay the bills!

    What should I do??? I don't think she actually has seen the bag yet, should I just hide it and pretend I sold it, then take it out in a few weeks and tell her it's a new one I bought, but cheaper??? She has no idea what Hermes is, so that would work. :idea::shame:

    Or should I just sell my Kelly :crybaby: (It is my first Hermes and I just got her yesterday!!! :push:smile: and then buy a cheaper bag, or just another Hermes and lie about the price?? :sweatdrop:

    WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?:s

    TIA!!! :heart:
  2. :wtf:
    I don't even know where to start.
    Your boyfriend needs a whack upside the head though so I'll start there. :roflmfao:
  3. Awww, Honey, I would HATE to tell you to sell your bag.........and when I was 19, I wanted one sooooo badly.....however, as a Mum now, I think I would feel a little giddy if my daughter bought her first Kelly at 19.....

    I don't know.......

    It's awkward.....

    Can you reason with her, perhaps?
  4. LOL........
  5. If you're not helping her pay the bills and you just spent 4k on a bag, I can see her point.
  6. You're not even close to marrying this guy, are you? :rant:
  7. I think you need to take a deep breath my dear and evalutate if it's something that is doable for you in your life. Perhaps you can reason with your mother, perhaps you can compromise and give up some of your other bags.
  8. ^^^I'm just wondering if he's still worth a million purses. LOL :lol:
  9. *in my best Mummy voice* - Oh, and don't lie to your Mother.

  10. hhaha, yea he knows i'm mad at him, but rrrg he agrees w/ my mom too! He doesn't liek my obsession :p
  11. since a lot of you are moms, what would you do in this situation? kill me too? :p
  12. they never do....

    Here' my take on it....

    I can't buy a bag without it having nice memories attached to Herbag was a gift to me from my DH on our first trip to Paris, my Kelly was a "To GF, love GF" first big girl gift to myself....the Birkin was to celebrate the birth of my second daughter - you get the picture....if this Kelly has bad associations attached to it, you'll never enjoy using her. I bet you don't have her out, admiring her? Wouldn't you rather buy your Hermes bag at a better time, when the memories will be wonderful?

    It's just a thought, C....I just want to help you out if you do decide to part with it....?
  13. Oh yes, I'd kill you, but secretly admire your great taste!
  14. Well, I respond best with compromise .....and chocolates. :graucho:
  15. Whatever you decide to do, I think lying (even though I can understand the temptation!) will just really hinder your relationship with your mother and cause her to be suspicious of you if she ever found out. I like the idea of reasoning with her; even though you may be helping out already, perhaps volunteer to help out even more financially or in terms of chores or other responsibilities, etc. And if my daughter did this, I would be furious at first, but what could I say---the apple doesn't fall far.... :p
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