HELP! My MOKA Neverfull didn't come with a luggage tag!

  1. I was lucky enough to have a good friend in L.A. who went to MOKA to buy a Neverfull MM for me on Nov 2. I was randomly looking on eBay and noticed that the Neverfull bags are supposed to come with the leather luggage tag that reads "Limited Edition Neverfull," but mine did not come with one! Now I'm totally stressed out because the bag was purchased nearly 3 weeks ago and I really want the luggage tag and think I should have it since I paid full retail for this bag and purchased it from the MOKA exhibit.

    What should I do? I have the original you think I can call them? What if they don't believe me? For those of you who bought a MOKA Neverfull, was your luggage tag attached to the bag when you bought it, or was in loose in the bag? I'm so stressed....can't believe I just noticed this. :crybaby:
  2. Uh oh! Do you think it got lost in the process of your friend buying it then packaging it? That's terrible. Hope you can get one.

    On another note tho, I'd be ELATED just to have the bag and not worry so much about the tag. Especially since your friend did you a HUGE favor.
  3. I hope you either find yours, or can get a new one. I doubt they will just send you a new one, I am sure there aren't any extras!
  4. It seems like I remember people saying it was in the pocket wrapped in paper or something? Checked inside your pocket?
  5. Yes, I checked the inside zipper pocket once I received the bag. It came with 1) LV brown cover little booklet 2) LV standard material description tag 3) LV SKU tag.

    I am so bummed. I can't believe I just noticed this. I called my friend and he said he sent me everything he received when he bought it, so I don't think it was lost in transit. I was just the unlucky one to get a bag without the tag. I just feel like the bag is incomplete now. I mean, that's part of the reason why the MOKA Neverfull is more expensive than the regular Neverfull, because of special items like the luggage tag (and colorful LV on the front), right?
  6. I'd suggest you sending back the bag to your friend, make sure your friend receives it before the 30-day return date reached. Ask your friend for a favor, go back to MOCA again and request for the luggage tag.

    OR, you can call MOCA store first before sending it back to your friend. Call the store during weekdays (I would suggest Monday or Thursday, it opens till 8pm on Thurs)

    When I went to MOCA earlier this month, a lady came with her Murakami neverfull and said her bag was missing the tag. The SA then took care of her without questions asked... (I didn't notice whether the SA exchanged another bag for the lady, or just simply gave her a luggage tag though.) So I suppose this (missing tag) might happen pretty often.

    Good luck!
  7. That's weird.
    Mine was in the bottom of the dustbag (not in the bag itself).
    As much as I hate to say it though, I think it's going to be quite hard to get another tag. Since it IS an integral part of the bag, they aren't going to just give random ones out, they don't know what people will do with them (i.e. include them with fakes or examine them to see how to make them for their fakes). I'm not saying you would at all, but they have to err on the side of caution.
    Also, since this was a LE release, they only made as many tags as they did chances are, even if you WERE able to get another one, it would put someone else in the same position as you, missing their luggage tag.
    As for the price, it's mostly due to the screen printed design and pink lining.
  8. ~You're right! The luggage tag should be inside the pocket. I remembered when I was MOCA, there was a lady attempting to return her Murakami Neverfull. I'm wondering if your bag was one of the return bags and that luggage tag was somehow missing? I suggest you call them tomorrow and ask to speak to the store Mgr. Be prepare to be on hold too, just in case they're busy:sad:...good luck, keep us up-to-date~
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm glad to hear that you witnessed someone else missing their luggage tag. May I ask why you suggest that I call the store during weekdays? I was planning to call tomorrow (Sunday) since I am so anxious about this and can't sleep. Are managers in the store only on weekdays? I hate to ask my friend to go back, but if they need proof that I have the actual bag in my posession I will definitely send the bag back to him. I hope they will help me over the phone but I am pessimistic.
  10. Oh no, mine was attached to the bag and I made sure it was there before I even paid for it ... hope you can get one ... good luck!
  11. Thanks for everyone's support. I didn't know to check for the luggage tag, I was just so excited that my friend was going to the exhibit to get one for me. I am such a fool...
  12. Thanks for everyone's support. I didn't know to check for the luggage tag, I was just so excited that my friend was going to the exhibit to get one for me. I am such a fool...
  13. I went there 3 times, 1st time on THURS, 2nd time on SAT, 3rd time on FRI. They were SUPER BUSY on Friday & Saturday and I noticed they never picked up the phone even though it kept ringing. However the first time I went there was about THURS at 6pm, the number of customers was basically just one (me), they were in a better mood and more polite.

    By the way MOCA is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  14. Well, the store is incredibly crowded on weekends and they rarely get a break to answer the phones. Sometimes they won't even answer the phone for the LV stores when they call MOCA. I personally suggest calling a bit later in the day, NOT when they first open, because they're very busy in the mornings.
  15. I hate to seem rude- but that would be TOTALLY taking advantage of the friend's generosity to do this.
    If I were your friend, this would NOT be an option. And I am generally pretty nice.

    It really isn't the end of the world. The tag isn't even something that's noticed. If you cant solve it yourself over the phone, I'd drop the issue.