HELP!!! My MJ stam becomes yellowish

  1. I need help...pleaseeee...I just took my ivory stam to look at and realised that the frame has become yellowish. I don't know why...Is it because I wiped it with baby wipes or with apple guard conditioner. What to do, what to do??? :crybaby:I've just used this bag twice and it has been sitting in my closet for quite some time.
    IMG_4341.JPG IMG_4342.JPG
  2. I know that this has been said to happen with the white patent leather bags....I don't think that there's really anything that can be done for it unfortunately :sad:
  3. Did you use coach conditioner?

    I know a girl in the bbag forum who used coach conditioner on her MJ Frankie which later turned it yellow... some conditioners seem to do that. She was able to remove it with Apple Garde or Lovinmybags cleaner. I can't remember which.
  4. i wonder if it has to do with the glue they use oxidizing...
  5. Oh my gosh! It does not look that noticeable luckily! I hope you can find something to help remove it!
  6. Will magic eraser help? I'm really :crybaby: I bought this full price and I've been taking good care of it.
  7. i honestly think it either has to do with the glue they use to adhere it to the frame of the bag, or a chemical reaction between the brass and leather dye/coloring. i'd call up MJ and explain it to a SA from MJ. they should either let you take it in for repair, or exchange it for a new one.
  8. I would not use magic eraser... that stuff can take the finish off the leather.
  9. I live in Sydney and there's no MJ boutique here :sad:
  10. Thanks for the help everyone, really appreciate it. If anyone have a suggestion, let me know :heart:
  11. How about oxy action? Should I try that? If anyone can ask an MJ SA what to do, I would really appreciate it :heart:
  12. Hey Ladies! I'm bumping this thread b/c I am having the same problem with my Ivory Stam. The frame part of it is yellowing compared to the rest of it. I'll post some pics tomorrow but has anyone else recently had this problem? Is there a solution?

    lovinmybags maybe?

    TIA!! :flowers:
  13. i agree with thithi - don't use a magic eraser. they look harmless but are really hard on mj bags!
  14. Oh no christeeny! I'm sorry your Stam is yellowing. :sad: I hope some of the girls can offer you some advice. I know JAP4life has used lovinmybags and had good results with them. Good luck doll!
  15. Thanks dawn... I'll steer clear of the eraser... (I love that thing for household stuff though!)

    Thannks luv for the sympathy! I know it stinks. I love this bag so much! It makes me sad that the area is yellow :sad:

    I still haven't taken pictures but it looks like the OP's. Anyone else have any recommendations??