HELP! My Miu Miu needs help

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I just bought a Miu Miu from Milan recently.
    I haven't applied any conditioner or apple garde on it.
    Thought brand new, my new miu miu looks very cracked and the calfskin doesnt even look flattering at all.
    I would like to know if its the same for all the new season miu miu bow bag.
    I am really troubled seeing my miu miu looking so "old"
    And i haven't been using it, only twice thus far.

    Please share some tips or insights on why my miu miu bow looks so cracked and unflattering!
    I will appreciate comments and opinions (:
    Thanks ladies.
  2. Hey, I am not sure how much I can help as I don't have the bow bag, but i did have the coffer in calfskin, n it was distressed and crackled in appearance just how they are.

    Overtime I realized that I like the lambskin look more so I sold it away. ( ok not much as bow doesn't make in lambskin anymore).

    Hopefully other tpf-er can help you more. Actually maybe posting some pictures then we could further advice?
  3. Yes, post a pic so we can see what you mean. It´s probably just the style of the leather so don´t worry. If you think it looks dry, conditioner might help to wake it up:smile:

    I bought a bow recently and some polish and protection spray was perfect. Sometimes bags get dehydrated in the dry air in a store.
  4. I think that's kind of the way it's supposed to look. That's how my calfskin ones look, I also think it's a matter of taste, I personally like it but if you aren't happy you can still exchange it.

    I also agree with ThingumyPoppy about a protecting spray...sometimes leather gets very dry, I don't know why.
  5. Hi Zoesassynuo,

    Yes i love lambskin more! but i don't know where to get one :sad:
    And i am not willingly to let go of my bow cause its just so carry-able!
    Yeaps, i will post pictures when i reach home to show you ladies!
    But i am afraid i cannot capture the material properly.
  6. Hi Thingumypoppy,

    May i know what products you did on your bow? (:
    And is your bow also calfskin?
  7. Hi Butterfly,

    I should upload pictures to show you guys! its too cracked already! :sad:
  8. Yes, it´s a calfskin bow from this season so it should be the same as yours.

    Here in the north we have to protection-spray everything; bags, shoes, gloves because of the weather and everybody use the products all the time so almost every shoe- or bagstore has their own different brands. I used Boston RainGard Protector and Boston Shoe Cream, and Springyard Waterproofer this time but I think all products that I used and bought in Sweden are the same. Look for products named leather waterproofer/protection spray for leather, and shoe cream/polish/ conditioner and it should be about the same (at least it is here). Maybe avoid very cheap products, but they´re not very expensive :smile: