1. This is not the brand new but my bf just bought it this morning from 2nd branded shop for me as my friend can't get the gold one for me from Euro...
    but when I took pics for this bag, I notice there some wrinkled around the body!! :crybaby:
    Is it normal? Could LV repair it?

    SSL10706.JPG SSL10705.JPG
  2. I haven't seen this before, looks like the wrinkles Epi gets....carrying too much stuff (weight) I suspect...don't think it can be repaired...I am so sorry :sad:
  3. I'd call local LV boutique. ASAP
  4. Thanks, thanks, I'll call them tomorrow morning...
  5. the previous owner wasn't very careful i guess.Its not a defect its because of usage so i don't think LV can do something about that.Anyway,try calling the store they still might give you a help.
  6. oh oh, i don't see any wrinkles from my pap, but i did noticed if it's over stuffed it will have 'stress' mark on it that's not repairable, good luck!
  7. ohh... can I do something to 'help' this bag? :crybaby:
  8. contack the seller...and then contact lv. if they cant help you, i dont think the bag can be fixed.
    if it really cant be fixed, buy a cute cles to cheer yourself up, and attach it to the bag as a distraction from the wrinkles (if they are noticeable)
  9. Thanks :smile:
    Before I notice the wrinkles, I was taking pic & glad with this bag so I've some pics of this bag. What do you think, could you notice the wrinkles from these pics?
  10. I see something towards the bottom of the bag, but overall the bag is gorgeous so enjoy it!
  11. this is back angle, is it noticeable?
    Miroir back.jpg
  12. :smile: ok, I think I can carry it without remember that wrinkle, I hope other people won't notice it...
  13. The back looks good to me.
  14. I don't think people will see the wrinkles. I think they will see the beautiful owner with the gorgeous bag! =)
  15. It's not really that noticable...