Help! My messenger arrived today...questions...

  1. SO I got my messenger which the eBay seller stated was the Besace and was 'unisex'...I lengthened the strap as far as it will go and it still looks silly! The strap is about six inches too short! WTF?!?

    Granted, I am a giant- I'm 5'10" but if this is the guy's bag then I would think it should be a way longer strap. How long are the straps on your messengers???

    I will post pics later- I have toddler bedtime madness to deal with right now....

  2. Let's see!

    (When you've got time, of course.)
  3. How long should the strap be??? Anyone??? Help!!!
  4. Ok here are the pics (sorry re: sloppy bathroom and gross outfit!!! it was a long mom day!)

    Sorry I can't figure out how to get the bigger pics up- I am no good with posting pics!!!

    Anyway- don't the straps look too short? I feel like it is too high- if the bag part were about 3 or 4 inches lower it would look much better...:crybaby:
  5. It looks good to me!:yes:

    Can you post bigger pics of the modeling pic??
  6. looks fine to me too!

    to post bigger pic: place your arrow on the IMG code in photobucket, it'll automatically copy the link, then paste the link here and insert these before and after the link respectively [ img ] [ /img ] or click on the image icon above the text box here and insert the link.
  7. [​IMG]



    I don't think this made them any bigger:cursing: Why can't I figure this out!!! I made it thru law school but I can't post a darn picture! :hysteric:
  8. I think it looks to 'short'. I was hoping that the top of the bag would be around the top of my jeans. Are you guys sure it doesn't look a little 'high'???
  9. sorry i can't help you more with the pictures. i only know that method and it didn't help :shame: maybe you can try using the "Attach Files" function at the bottom of the page?

    anyway, could it be because you're wearing the bag across your body? i saw on RDC that the strap is 37-50". it's a men's day/besace, yes?
  10. I agree with you, though it looks fine -- it does seem too short, especially for the men's besace. Stupid question, but are you sure you have it on the longest setting? I am 5" 8 and the flat messenger hits me very so slightly longer than your besace on the longest setting....whmmm. If you could, try and take some more pics. You are welcome to email them to me and I will post them bigger for you! This would REALLY help.
  11. Ahhh so the mystery has been solved- my bag is the flat messenger. There was a misprint in the auction and it was listed as the men's bag. So the strap is too short for me 'cause I'm too darn tall for it!!! So back to finding a men's messenger for me!!!
  12. Even for women, they made that damn strap too short! And I'm only 5"4". Same with the GH womens' besace. No idea why Balenciaga is so stingy with strap length! Hell, others can make it shorter - why not let some of us make it longer!!!!!! It really makes me mad, and is the reason why the only messenger I've bought (and sadly sold; already missing it) is the mens' besace.
  13. Is there a way to punch a few holes in the strap to make it longer? The gh besace has a very long strap and holes can be added if necessary, but I'm not sure if the flat messenger is the same.:confused1: It looks really good on you, it just needs to be a bit longer.
  14. I have an 2007 Ocean Besace with SGH. I had to punch 5 more holes at the end of the strap so it looked okay and fit better. I am 5'7", and not a small woman.