HELP! My LV bag is stuck in customs :( From Canada to US

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  1. Hi TPFers,

    I bought an LV bag from Canada on Feb 1st. The seller marked it as a gift and declared a large value ($1000CAD). Now the bag is stuck in customs. It has been there since Feb 5th, with this tracking info:
    Inbound International Arrival, February 05, 2010, 7:46 am, FOREIGN CENTERJERSEY CITY NJ 099.

    I didnt even think that you had to pay anything if it was declared as a gift no matter what the value.

    My question to all USA tPFers is: Has anyone "imported" a bag from Canada? How much were your fees? How long did it take to get any kind of notification. It's been 5 days now and no changes to the tracking number.

    Thank you for all advice.
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  3. I know. I read that last night for like 2 hours and am now having a panic attack. I didnt instruct her how to mark it or anything. I paid $1,500US and she declared $1,000CAD so I dont think that it is under declared by much, but marked as gift is definitely a situation. I dont know who to call, what to do, where to turn... I dont want to open a PayPal dispute if I dont have to. I tried understanding the harmonized tariff code last night and that is confusing. I just was hoping someone out there may have run into a similar situation inbound US from Canada.
  4. Right now I think it's pretty much just a waiting game, unfortunately. Int'l transactions often take a long time. It may be helpful to call USPS, though, to better understand where your bag might be.
  5. I just called USPS. They said that I need to contact the seller to "start and investigation" with Canada Post. Here we go. :sad:
  6. But tracking is showing it in the US, no? Why would USPS say to deal with Canada Post?
  7. Creditcardfire, Apparently the trace has to be placed by the sender since she was the one that posted it.

    I just found out buy searching the internet for the last 2 hours that basically that place in NJ is a CES facility where a CBP (customs border patrol) person will be inspecting the bag. I think that it came as a red flag due to the high value. I am just worried about the fact that she marked as gift. All these websites are saying that the buyer has to be the one to make sure that seller does the paperwork right.

    I am just wondering if anyone from the US has ever had this happen to them and how long it took to get some kind of notification and if they had to pay any fees.
  8. I had an item stuck with that notification for six weeks. The buyer got it with no customs duty owing. Canada Post can't tell you any more than what is on the USPS site, though they will open an investigation and query USPS. This takes up to 45 days. There is no rhyme or reason as to why things seem to get stuck in the US for a period of time before they get to their destination and it doesn't mean you will pay duty.

    You may just have to be patient.... sorry. I know how frustrating it can be.
  9. Thank you very much. That is hopeful. Do you remember the value that you had declared?
  10. ^ I believe your item should be fine as you mentioned it was not underdeclared by much. However, if the seller included a price tag or invoice (anything indicating the actual price) the they can charge you customs and duty for the full amount.
  11. From time to time, packages get delayed in customs. Sometimes it is simply because they have a backlog and sometimes an additional inspection is done on the package.

    The declared value on your package was not ridiculously low so it should not cause too much consternation on the part of customs. I wouldn't worry about the gift thing causing too many red flags either. Interestingly enough, in some countries marking "gift" provides a higher value duty-free limit but in the US marking "gift" lowers the duty-free limit from $200 to $100. I don't think customs personel pay a lot of attention to the "gift" box.
  12. I agree with pp. I think you bag should be fine. I have shipped to US many times to my sil and no matter how I declare the package, gift or not. There's some delay but she eventually received the packages without paying extra.
  13. I don't know how your shipper sent it, but expedited parcel (tracked) is a minimum of eight business days. So if it was sent Feb 1 that is still not 8 business days (weekends don't count). I'm actually surprised they said they could start a trace on it - usually they tell you to wait until the estimated delivery period has expired. It could also depend on where it was sent (size of the city/town) and where you are (ditto). I wouldn't actually consider it delayed quite yet.
  14. Hey All, I wanted to let you know that the bag was delivered today! No duties and taxes! Yay! My shipper wrapped the package in wrapping paper like a gift would be wrapped and then put the label on that, lol. I am so happy! whew!
  15. so glad that u got the bag!!!!!!

    I think the seller only marked it to C$1000 - as Canada post insurance only covers up to $1000...