Help! My Love bracelet won't unscrew! (And shopping experience from Heathrow)

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  1. Normally I would just add to the Cartier Love bracelet thread, but I figured I'd break this out into two parts - the good and the bad.

    The Good: I snagged a thin Love at Heathrow. Due to the exchange rate of pound to dollars, I ended up saving $500+ off MSRP. (I have friends who live in Oregon, so when I do savings calculations, I don't normally factor in sales tax. With sales tax, I saved about $1k.) Turns out, Terminal 5 lets you buy Duty Free even if you're going to be traveling to Europe afterward, which was fantastic. (The SA told me - they don't care where you're going. You get Duty Free prices no matter what.) I think it's different than Terminal 3. Then, instead of being a responsible adult, I then used the savings to buy the silk chord trinity :P


    The Bad: Turns original Love won't unscrew. Yep...that's apparently a thing. I never used Lock-Tite, I never screwed them on extra tight. The odd thing is one side will unscrew easily, the other side won't. I took it into Cartier yesterday, and I had to tell them to stop because they are now stripping the screw head trying to turn it. (They tried different screw drivers, different people, nope.) I've also tried wd-40, putting the bracelet in warm water first, using my Clarisonic tooth brush to try to clean out any gunk inside. They've told me to go to a different Cartier who has a watch maker on site who might be able to help. Hopefully that's the end...

    Has anyone (aside from Kyliee Jenner) had this issue before? Any ideas on how to get this damn thing off? I have the new screw system, which sucks because I can't just damage the screw and buy a new one to replace it. Cartier implied that I'll have to pay for any damage to the bracelet also. (This is also the most ridiculous, stupid, first world problem to complain about...)

    My guess is that after not taking it off for a year or two = gunk that has just frozen the screw. So - I'd recommend everyone take it off at least once a year to clean out the gunk so you don't end up in my position.
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  2. Thank goodness it looks so gorgeous on you !!!

    I do wonder about getting stuck because I used loctite on my two loves as I wear them together

    Anyway I am totally jealous of your beautiful rainbow love and it looks gorgeous with your new additions
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  3. All three of your bracelets look gorgeous on you and at least you need never worry about your love falling off! :smile:
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  4. Yes it happened to me. Cartier used a different screw driver and got it off without damage.
  5. OMG. How scary. I can't imagine not being able to take off a piece of jewelry by myself, albeit a beautiful one. I hope it gets sorted out soon. Perhaps the other Cartier boutique will help you out without any glitch. Please keep us informed on how it goes.

    I'm planning on purchasing two thin LOVEs this Christmas. I'll go crazy if I can't take them off. The whole reason I waited this long for to purchase the LOVE is because I have phobia re not being able to take something off. Then this new screw system came out on the thins so I figured, this will be easier, I can do everything myself. Then I hear about your story.......
  6. Have just realised it's a 4 diamond not a rainbow love- apologies!

    Did it come off?
  7. Try soaking your bracelet in warm water and then apply some olive/avocado oil on the top and bottom of the screw to loosen it up. My Cartier store couldn't take it off and I managed to take it off myself with this trick. Good luck!
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  8. It's the same rule in T3, they're both operated by Harrods nothing to do with the terminal but with the operator, Chanel, Hermès and I believe LV don't give tax free prices when flying within the EU but Harrods do. Pro tip, get a Heathrow rewards card if you fly through LHR often. Once you've spent £500 you get 2% in points (initially it's 1%) to spend in the main duty free on everything you buy (it's available on the card immediately so do your most expensive shopping first and spend in the duty free shop on make-up, champagne, whatever), and double points if you reserve an item in advance through Heathrow Boutique I just discovered. Use this when you pay and if you also have a Harrods rewards card add the points online in your account after, they're only able to do one in the boutique for whatever reason. Hoping the double LHR reward points come through, I'll be trying on Thursday!
  9. Apparently this has now been cracked up on, grrr. You aren't able to add Harrods points online yourself anymore and you have to call up, and they can see that another card already has the points allocated. I'm still waiting to see if my extra LHR points come through and have sent an e-mail since I only got my regular Heathrow rewards points and the premium points that I always get but no extras yet, will post an update when I get some info. The points weren't immediately available this time whereas I have previously had them within minutes, might be something to do with the amount but I'm not sure. If they don't put the extra points for reserving on I'll see if I can have them taken off the LHR rewards and put on the Harrods card instead because this purchase would push me to the black level card which has some excellent perks.