HELP! My little westie swallowed a QTIP WHOLE!

  1. what do I do?!?!?! he stopped gagging and breathing heavy through his nose but still its lodged in him! and hes only 17 lbs! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Take him to the Vets. Quick. Hope hes OK
  3. take him to a vet quick...
  4. I agree...take him to the vet! If they're not open...find the closest emergency animal hospital!
  5. Emergency Animal Clinic!!!!!!!!!
  6. Please update when you have a chance. Praying that all is ok.
  7. Vet! Hope Your Baby Is Okay!
  8. I hope your dog is okay.
  9. ^^thanks all, i managed to get it out of him, sans the cotton, but at least the stick is out of him. I didn't think he could get to my high dresser, the little rascal! and thanks for including us in your prayers! the lazy bum is sleeping now, but if the cotton gives him a problem, i'll try to flush it out and give him peto bismol like when he ususally has stomache upsets.
  10. Keeping my fingers crossed for your Leander!
  11. Thanks for the update. My sister has a Westie--they are the craftiest little characters! Hopefully, that little amount of cotton won't bother him.

    Good luck!
  12. Just as an FYI to everyone:

    my vet said that if your dog ever eats a small, non-poisonous object, you can force them to drink hydrogen peroxide...this makes them vomit it up.
  13. ^^really, thats good to know! he's doing fine today, he was extra rowdy then usual actually. now he doesn't even look like a westie because hes absolutely filthy from rolling around. was lucky i finally caught him by surprise as he was hiding under the bed, and was able to pull it out without causing any damage to him.
  14. I'm so glad he is ok! Thank you for the update! :smile:
  15. I am so glad your fur baby is OK!! He must have given you quite a scare!! :sad: