Help~my listing will not show up on .com but does appear on .ca

  1. Is it normal for a listing to NOT appear after 24 hours on, but have it appear on

    I'm selling in US dollars, so it should show on .com.

    What am I doing wrong? :confused1:
  2. if it is a high dollar item it will take a while to post. that's what happens with a lot of my items. give it a little more time
  3. That has happened to me too and I never knew why... Makes sense now, but it doesn't really seem fair if you are paying for a listing for a certain length of time and one whole day goes by with it not showing up:tdown: eBay really sucks sometimes!
  4. Not a high dollar... below $300. It's showing on, but shouldn't it show on .com, if I'm listing in US dollars? I need my US buyers to see this.