Help! My lasagna always turns out watery!

  1. Does anyone know how to help me solve this problem? DBF and I made lasagna for dinner tonight and although it tasted good, it came out watery on the bottom of the pan. This has happened before, although it doesnt happen every time (but...usually, when im the one cooking). We used the basic ingredients: pasta, ground beef (which i drained after cooking), mozzarella cheese, ricotta and ragu marinara sauce. Im thinking the problem might be the sauce (it is more saucy than tomato pasty) but sometimes when I use it it turns out fine. Id love some suggestions! I dont want any more wet lasagna! :rolleyes:
  2. The sauce is watery, the ricotta is watery. You could try draining the sauce a bit, or cook it and let it thicken that way.
  3. I would use a different sauce. I would either make your own (which is very easy) or use a thicker sauce like a prego. When I make my own sauce I cook it for awhile (longer than I normally would for just plain pasta) so that it thickens.

    I use about two of those large cans of peeled tomatos (san pomodoro), garlic very thinly sliced, olive oil, basil, and a good sea salt. I just cook it on a low flame for a long time and it usually turns out right.

    What kind of noodles are you using? If you're boiling yours you may want to try the no-bake lasagna noodles..there are usually more layers when you use these AND it's good if the sauce is watery because these noodles sop it right up.
  4. Do you cook it covered and then finish it off uncovered? I usually bake the lasagna for 45 minutes covered, sprinkle the rest of the mozzarella on top, and bake for another 25 minutes.
  5. are you draining the ricotta? put it through some cheese cloth, and after its done, let it sit in the oven off for like 10 mins with the foil opend over half of it.
  6. Oh wow good tips! Thank you everyone! No, I hadnt even though to drain the ricotta although that totally makes sense and I was cooking it covered in foil the whole time, never uncovered. I will def change that up next time AND use different sauce that isnt so "saucy" lol. Thank you! I was beginning to think I just was never going to make a proper lasagna!
  8. just make sure you bake it covered and when its done uncover it and let it sit in the over for like 10mins while the over cools off
  9. I just made a lasagna this morning and it is in the oven right now.

    My suggestion was going to use oven ready noodles as they soak up a lot of the moisture in the dish.
  10. I do this as well! This eliminates the extra moisture.
  11. I personally hate the oven-baked noodles. For some reason it never turns out right with them. I use thicker sauce (make my own), and cook uncovered for the last bit. This usually helps.. mmm i love lasagna
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    now i want some

    and i was going to give you those tips as well, make your own sauce, and uncover the pan so that way a lot of the moisture can escape. i hope your next one is delicious and perfect!!

    ** and i don't really like the oven-bake noodles, they have a different taste and a different consistency to them.
  13. I don't like the oven bake noodles either.
  14. This in itself should help tremendously...
  15. Along with the other suggestions, you can also put a couple of eggs in your ricotta as a binder (rather than draining it) also adds a nice richness.