HELP! My laptop charger is overheating i think!

  1. Hiya!
    I have been charging my laptop for about 4hours now because it does take it a v. long time to charge, so About 10 mins ago i could smell a burning smell i looked around and saw nothing so i ignored it..
    But then a minute ago i unplugged my charger and picked it up off my desk and as i picked the large charge section[Sorry i don't really know the proper term!] I dropped it straight away it was boiling hot. Now every time i do charge my laptop the charger and laptop get hot they always have and people i know with the same laptop as me have the same thing. But this was so hot i couldnt even touch it!
    I smelled it and it smelled like burning i checked my desk and there was a mark!
    I don't know what to do with it! i have unplugged it from the socket and now it's sitting on the floor but it's still burning! should i put it near the window or something?!?
    Tomorow should i take it to the store and ask if they can check it out for me?
    I'm scared that i will pick up my charger to use in a few days and it will set alight or something!!!

    Can someone advise me what to do?!? I didnt know who to ask it's really late :sad:

  2. definitely take it into the store, they should replace it for you. it'll be easier to get them to do it if you're still under warranty but they really should do it anyway.

    as for now it should cool down if it isn't plugged in anymore (assuming it isn't on fire :wtf: ) but put it on a heat proof surface so it doesn't mark anything else.
  3. It's burned some of my desk i swear i when i touched it i thought it would set on fire! it smelled so bad :sad:
  4. i think u should buy a laptop fan..
    there are some kind of laptop that need a fan to be put under it.
  5. I use a lap top fan everyday. Mine would get so hot I swear my legs would turn red...I got to the point that I almost felt it was a fire hazard. The fan really helps.
  6. Really?! I'm going to go get one in the morning!
  7. Are they the ones that go in the usb?
    Yea my laptop makes my legs go bright red even if i'm wearing jeans!!
    I have to put a huge pillow on my lap!
    I will go out asap tomorow to get one i hope it helps! Thanks for the advice :yes:
  8. What kind of laptop is it?
  9. ^^Apple mac.
  10. I'm sorry - was it the laptop or charger that was too hot? (charger, right?) Regardless keep everything unplugged and take everything back to the store. Document any burn marks with photos and send it on to headquarters.

    One thing - laptops are most likely NOT designed to be used with external fans (at least if you have a good one). I do not think an Apple would require one. Sounds like it has *issues*.
  11. ^ The charger was the one that was "burning" The laptop is very hot atm aswell i'm going to get it's box down and take it down to apple so they can just check it out , The laptop was sorta alot of money so i don't expect it to break or malfunction in less then a year.. Thanks very much for your advice :smile:
  12. those chargers do get too hot, i've exchanged a couple already. if you're under warranty or apple care it's not a problem at all, and they should do it even if you aren't.

    i wouldn't bother getting a fan for it, just make sure it's on a solid surface. a hard back book between the computer and your legs should do it. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT put a pillow under it, it'll only get hotter.
  13. ^^ Okay! did you find the new charger you got wasnt as hot? my laptop needs ATLEAST charging twice a day and alot of the time i close the laptop and walk away while it charges but now i'm worried to leave it because of the charger..Thanks for the info :smile:
  14. mine never got so hot they were leaving marks on things, they broke at the mag safe connector (mostly my fault, i travel a lot and i wasn't that careful with them, i trip over the cord from time to time) and the cord would start to melt :wtf: but the charger itself never got all that hot.

    but if you've had it for less than a year then getting a new charger shouldn't be an issue. just bring your computer (or serial number at least) with you if you don't have your receipt.
  15. KaiieCHANEL
    Please be carefull with using a pillow to keep your laptop from getting your legs hot. The pillow may block the fan vents and prevent things from cooling properly inside your computer. Try using a large book or something flat so that air can still get to the fans.
    Not trying to be a know it all, just learned from experience.
    Good catch on the charger, I am afraid to leave anything charging when I am not around the house. Too much risk of fire.