HELP!! My keepall got SWITCHED!!???

  1. Hey everyone, got back from New York like 3 days ago. Only went for 2 weeks so brought my 60 keepall and crusier for my luggage. Anyways, when i went to collect my bags the handle on the keepall had a 4cm cut into the side of it, which made me quite mad seeing that when i left the bag it was perfect. So this afternoon i took it to the LV store to get it fixed, my SA wasn't working today so when the guy brought my keepall back out and told me they couldn't fix it because the bag wasn't authentic, you could imagine how shocked i was.

    And the worst part was that he looked me down and said
    "We only mend authentic Louis Vuitton bags here, we do not handle fakes." I didn't know what to do. I told him about 700 times that it was real, that i brought it in the Los Angeles store only 6 months ago. But he just said that there was nothing i could do because the bag wasn't real. I fully freaked out, i have no idea what to do. I asked to see the store manager, who was alot more polite about it and went over the bag with me. And indeed it was a fake. He then asked if i recently went on a trip or when the last time i had used the bag. I told him about how i just got back and he had some pretty shocking news for me. He said that lately there had been reports that people's designer luggage bags had been switched around during transit. That people would receive fakes for their authentic ones without them being any wiser. I wanted to cry. I have no idea, i felt so stupid because everything else in my bag was still there! I don't know if my cruiser is still the real one i brought or not, but i'm going back tomorrow to have it looked over.

    I have called the airline company and they say that they are sorry and that they will get back to me, but the person on the phone said that he wasn't sure if there was anything which they could do for me because it would be a difficult matter to look into!!!! I don't know what to do, i'm just so upset that someone would even do that!!! So everyone out there BEWARE!! Anyone else been in this situation? If so please tell me how you handled it!
  2. so, did they also switch the stuff inside? :confused1:
  3. OMG :wtf: that is really shocking, so somebody in the airport took all your luggage out and repacked it in to fake one??

    That is really horrible I'm so sorry keep on at the the airline they may not be able to help but at least make them try and report it to the police, keep us informed.
  4. OMG, you poor thing, i Totally know how you feel as I was in the same boat not long ago, so sorry *BIG HUG*! As far as your keepall 60 being swapped, does all the belongings you pack have the same placements?
  5. I'm very sorry. It just sucks that people are so dishonest these days to switch people's luggages. If I ever go on a trip I'm never going to check my LV in. :sad: Hopefully the airline company will be able to work something out with you. Best of luck.
  6. Yep. Well I haven't noticed anything missing, all i had in there was hair stuff, make up and clothing. So guess nothing of great value to the person who took my bag. They even attached the heat stamped luggage from my real bag to the fake bag.
  7. Does the vachetta color match?
  8. unbelievable! and they went though all that trouble :s
  9. I am sorry about your bad experience. I never checked in my keepall because I'm so paranoid about someone stealing my bag.

    I'm wondering about this too. Did you notice your stuff missing?
  10. ^ Never mind my question. You answered as I was typing :p
  11. I'm not sure how it happened or when someone would get the chance, i was one of the very first people off the plane and the luggage came out after I did. I have considered calling the police but i'm not sure what they could do. Thanks for the suggestion but, i'll let you know when i hear anything
  12. Hey classic chic, sorry to hear you had an experience like this, it really is horrible. What happened? Got any advice on what i should do? If by placement you meant if all the things were placed the same way, i honestly can not remember after a 20 hours flight. I got home dumped everything into the laundry and that was that.
  13. I just took a look, i can't believe i didn't think of that!! You're a genius! My tag color is deffinately darker, but not by very much but you can tell the difference. My bag wasn't very old so the leather didn't really oxidize that much.
  14. What gave the fake away? Are there other stories like this? It seems relaly crazy to me, especially that they changed the content. Come on, LV isen't THAT expensive, it's not worth getting thorugh all that trouble.
  15. My solution was went out and get another one from LV store:sweatdrop: But if you can locate the purchase receipt as proof of auth purchase, and file a claim w/airline/air port? It sucks airline company kept place more restrictions on luggages, but fail the give the equal level of protections to passengers:cursing: