Help my husband is making me choose!


Which color heart coin purse?

  1. Pomme

  2. Frambois

  3. multicolor

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. What does everyone think my husband is making me chose between the Pomme, frambois or multi color heart coin purse? Which would you choose?:shrugs:
  2. Pomme
  3. Framboise!
  4. Pomme.
  5. Pomme!!

    and Welcome to tPF!!
  6. Are you still able to get it in pomme? I thought they were sold out? Good luck, it is so beautiful.
  7. pomme
  8. Framboise!
  9. definitely pomme if there's still one available!! the color matches with anything. second choice - framboise!!
  10. There's something about the Multicolore that I just love. The Pomme is getting difficult to find now, anyway.
  11. framboise!
  12. Pomme!!!!!!!!
  13. Eventhough I have MC and adore, I vote for Pomme, if you don't have anything else in it, it's gorgeous, but so is framboise and the MC is sooo cute! oh well, I still vote for Pomme...
  14. POMME:heart:
  15. Pomme