Help, my husband is getting fond of LV!

  1. Well, this was not meant to happen... I was at LV in Amsterdam with my husband and he started eyeing the male bags... oops, dangerous. It is my fault, I am always telling him that his trousers look awful, with the pockets bursting with wallet/mobile/keys/driving serves me right :sad: , he has an eye on a Taiga leather messenger bag...he said "I guess it is my turn to buy a nice bag, now". "But of course darling:sweatdrop: ...
  2. hehehehe.........I'm sure he deserves a nice one!
    You just have to get him into the cycle of 3-4 for you and THEN one for him!
  3. hahaha...DH and I went to LV twice this week and all I can tell you was that I was the one who walked out empty handed both times.
  4. lol, great job! How i wish my BF tell me he likes any never hurts to find a common habbit ^_<
  5. At least you've found a common love. Just don't let his collection get bigger than yours. (wink wink)
  6. Awww...too cute! I wish I could convince my hubby to transition over to LV!
  7. I actually like having a husband who likes nice things too. My husband likes Armani, Versace and Prada. He loves Prada shoes and has many of He loves that I like LV but he hasn't expressed an interest in it for himself yet.....I may get him a wallet or something though...just for him to have.
  8. I would think thats a good thing. Then he would understand your LV obsession more. My boyfriend does not get why I like LV at all, I always have to drag him into the LV stores.
  9. He has good taste! That's a great bag.
  10. it'a good thing as long as he doesn't exceed your collection. :p although my DH really appreciates the quality of LV items, he has never wanted one for himself.
  11. i think its ok, now he can't tell you not to shop at LV.
  12. What I would give for my DH to ask me if I would like to go with HIM to LV!!!!
  13. Good job on training him :yes: to love LVs. Just don't let his LV upstage yours!
  14. I don't want my DH to know how much I spend on these bags so it's best he not like LV.
  15. hahahaha... you make it sound like its such a bad thing. is it? :s

    Taiga is good :yes: he should have one.