Help my husband buy me my push present please (Harry Winston or Van Cleef Arpel) :-)

Hi Ladies of tpf,

I just had my second bambina 5 weeks ago and my husband asked me what I wanted as my push present :P ( I love him!)

What I really want is a Patek 24, but that's not gonna happen, atleast not now :graucho:

So I'm thinking with a Van Cleef Alhambra 1 motif necklace pendant or a Harry Winston Traffic diamond necklace for about the same price.

But there are only 3 diamonds and they are really, really small. I know its HW, but its almost a waste of money so I rather get VCA. But diamond is always a better investment than gold. What do you ladies think? TIA.


memento mori
Oct 19, 2008
I prefer the VCA. Go for the HW though if you want something a little more unique.