Help My Hubby buy me a Purse!

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  1. So...I have fallen in love with several gorgeous purses...including LV and Coach. He cringes at the price tags (as do I!) but I've been drooling over these bags for ages now.

    Can anyone suggest a good 'starter' bag for a newbie? I don't own any name brand purses as of yet...the closest I get is Fossil and Kenneth Cole. LOL :P

    I'm fairly conservative but my current purse is from an Indie Designer with 50s pinup girls on it so I range in taste for sure. I generally carry two bags to work (my purse and then a tote for other stuff) so I can range in size for my main purse but something that can hold a nice sized wallet, check book, cell phone, and some makeup essentials.

    Any suggestions? Preferably under $400 although he seems to think that if I get a purse at that price that he deserves an X-Box 360. Grrr! :yucky:

    I appreciate any and all suggestions! :idea:
  2. Would you consider a Kooba? The leather on these bags is so soft and nice. They are usually over the $400 budget but there are several styles at sale at the moment at NM, Bergdorfs, Saks, eluxury.

    My one and only under $400 bag (I actually have three of these!) is a Longchamp le pliages bag. They are rather great and come in a variety of colors and shapes. (

    Oh, and if you like pics on your bags, have a look at the Anya Hindmarch totes.... (
  3. I like the signature stripe reversible tote from Coach. it's classic yet modern and like 2 bags in one and you can get it personalized with a monogram of your initials. it's only $268 which leaves some money left over for a matching wristlet and accessories! the large size is $298


    it comes in lots of colors but this is the gold
  4. I agree that the signature stripe tote would be an excellent choice. Coach now also has some gorgeous Legacy pieces that fall under $400

    Coach - Legacy Handbags
  5. I third the signature stripe tote! It's so nice! =)
  6. oooo I do like that. I sent him the link. We'll see if he gags at $268. LOL

    If my bonus goes up this year I am SO buying my bag of choice! :smile:
  7. if you have your heart set on a Coach bag, have you tried a Coach outlet, you can do quite well this time of year, as in the outlets they tend to have like 20% off or so the outlet they are trying to move the stuff.
  8. passerby...I knew I could count on you to find something gorgeous. I love that one! :smile:

    And alvie...I am sure there is a Coach outlet somewhere around here (Seattle area). I'll have to do a search and then drag hubby there!
  9. :smile: The Coach outlet is at the Seattle Premium outlets. Although it never made any sense to me why they call it "Seattle Premium outlets" when it is not even in Seattle but in Tulalip. :confused1:
  10. hi! i think u should go to lv and buy a pouchette! its a great little bag- and so adaptable. during the day into the evening- coffee- movies- shopping- oh very versatile and its less than 400.00. yes go to lv and start with a pouchette!

    let me know!
  11. i would go for kooba :P
    i think the leather's lovelyyy
  12. get a coach :smile:
  13. I agree. :yes: For your price range, Coach has a wide variety of styles so you're sure to find something that is the perfect size, style and color for you.
  14. You are in charge of this. :P
    What I don't get is how he can justify a video game by equating it to a durable, functional handbag? A video game serves no purpose other than making your ass wider as you sit on the sofa playing it like an 8 year old, letting life slide by you.
    I'd suggest Michael Kors, Francesco Biasia, and Kenneth Cole as affordable "starter" bags.