help, my head is spinning . . .


May 25, 2006
is that the best or worst time to buy an Hermes bag, LOL?

This all began with that plume from the scarf book. After learning here, thanks to shopmom's quest, that this bag is pretty much unavailable, I have an SA looking for a plume 28cm for me in a neutral brown (darker than gold, not so dark as chocolate), and while waiting, some doubts have started creeping in--I'm really small and worry it's a little boxy and big on me. And, not least, if I'm going to spend so much ($5500 for plume 28 in Vache liegee!), shouldn't I get something more classic like a kelly . . .

So, I start lusting over the kellys I see pictured here (almost never seeing them in real life at SF), and decide I would like the 25cm size. But, I prefer the kelly in sellier, and that really is so much more of a formal look than I would reach for on a normal day, and do I really want my first bag to sit unused most of the time? Hence my thread several days ago about how often people use them as every day bags . . .

Then, today, I go into the boutique (wearing Eau des Merveilles--who here said they wear fragrance for good luck? thanks!) and for the first time notice the bolides and fell in love with one. Maybe because of the excellent bolide thread, and maybe because they finally had bolides besides that little pink one which I was never tempted to try on.

Cut to the chase--they are holding a bolide for me, a 31cm, in clemence (SA said they don't make them in togo--is this true now?). I'll be going back to see if I like it with a different outfit, and to be sure I don't think it is too big. My exisiting bag (pretty much exactly the same size) looked so pathetic sitting there next to the glorious Hermes leather!

So . . . I am feeling like a nut case, trying to decide on my first bag. Tell me I am not the only one whose goal bag has jumped around as she become more educated?!

And, I would loooovvvveee to see more pictures of people modeling their bolides!

Thanks for any advice & for bearing with me! Sorry this is soooooo long.

Happy Holidays!
if your everyday bag is similar in size to the 31 bolide, a 25 kelly might not be as satisfying for a first H bag. a bolide can go all day, definitely. love them in clemence so so much. what color?
the "do u love your bolide" thread will seal the deal for you.
Aaahhhhh......yes! Tangle.....the Bolide is a stunning bag and so easy to carry! Which color are they holding?

Here is a pic of mine in 31cm Black Chamonix.....I am 5'3" and I adore it and, I think it would be a lovely first bag especially since you have experienced the Hermes Arrow Through The Heart! You can not loose with a will love it and have it always!!

Here she is.....


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Thanks, HiHeels and shopmom. Yes, that bolide thread is a clincher! Shopmom, thanks for re-posting that picture--the one I'm considering is also black. I think there are only 3 bolide pictures in the your Hermes in action thread!
:nuts: Tangle, I think I was there when you were trying on the Bolide! If that was you it looked fabulous on you!!!

You're kidding!! :nuts: I didn't even notice anyone else in the store--too enraptured with the bags, I suppose :smile: Do you really think I shouldn't now search for a 27cm? I think I'm so used to trying not to look as short as I am that I'm overly obsessed with scale.
DH and I both thought it looked great. We saw in passing as we were leaving and remarked on it because I want to get a Bolide in the future too. We really liked it in black. :flowers: I liked the BJ Bolide they had too. :love:
Yes, the blue jean was really pretty! So different in epsom, though I like the slouch of the clemence. I didn't think I wanted a black bag, either. I tried a black plume28 and felt it was too boring, but it looked perfect on the bolide.
A 31cm Bolide is a great choice for an everyday bag. I also like the slouch of Clemence. I recently bought a Bolide in Togo, so I'm not sure why the SA told you they don't make them in Togo. With the addition of the shoulder strap it really is the perfect bag.
Do you really think I shouldn't now search for a 27cm? I think I'm so used to trying not to look as short as I am that I'm overly obsessed with scale.

I hear ya, tangle. I'm 4'10" and only carry small bags (with the exception of my GPT's for work). My fave "everyday" Kelly is 25cm and my Bolide is 27cm. Here is a picture of me (in way too casual clothes) with my 27cm turquoise chevre Bolide so that you can get a better idea of "scale." HTH!!


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i'm generally an advocate of a dainty bag, but i just love the 31.
ninja sue's fits her very well. if you're the same height and will scale back on what you carry daily (you said your current bag is the size of the 31), maybe you could consider that, but i've seen very petite women carrying the 31 bolide and it looks just fantastic. also, keep in mind that the style tapers at the top, so it's not an overwhelming design in general.

oh shopmom, the black with gold = heaven.
Tangle, if you were looking for someone to convince you to not get the Bolide...don't continue reading this post!

I love my bolides...they are a workhorse and a staple in my wardrobe (come to think of it I should get a black one!) I think a 31 is a great everyday bag (I am 5'3) - sorry I don't have pics to help out at the moment as our lovely shopmom does. It holds my essentials, and I have used it as a carry-on fitting my ipod and a pashmina as well (open with pashmina on top - much like shopmom's 2nd photo).

Go for it - it will be a purchase you will never regret!


Happy Holidays!
Forgot to add- I have a plume (32cm Orange Epsom) and, it barely sees the light of day. Great bag, holds a lot, light weight but not as "useful" a shape IMO - something in the way it (the bolide) opens up is just easy - hard to explain. Good luck!