Help!! My Head Is Spinning!!

  1. Ok... Here's the scoop: I was initially DYING for the Anna Corinna Drawstring Hobo in Butterscotch but it was impossible to find! So instead, (1) I ordered the Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Butterscotch from ($286.00 after code and free shipping) (It IS returnable); (2) I went to off fifth last Sunday with the 25% coupon and just HAD to get the linea pelle black bag with a bottom line price of $206.00 after coupon (It IS returnable); (3) still longing for the drawstring hobo, I called their NY shop and was told that they weren't making the butterscotch anymore but they had 1 left in tobacco for sale for $175.00 + 10.00 shipping. Of course, I HAD to get it (It is NOT returnable). (4) the very next day, I saw the butterscotch drawstring hobo IS BEING REISSUED! But of all the bags I can't return, is the drawstring in Tobacco! Today, the last bag arrived of the 3 I ordered and I can't decide what to do....keep them all, return the black, the butterscotch??? Probably the one I would return with the least pang about it would be the tobacco but it's NOT RETURNABLE!!!! Opinions BEGGED for!!! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :confused1: :confused1:
    IMG_0268.jpg IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0274.jpg IMG_0277.jpg IMG_0280.jpg
  2. I love the dark brown hobo-I know you can't return it-but it's my favorite. I like the Mini-city tote. The least favorite is the black Linea Pella-the shoulder strap looks wa-a-a-y to long! JMO...
  3. Actually it is adjustable but it is long even at its shortest. I just love the squishiness of it and the pockets! It also is heavier than the others (probably because of the buckles on the strap - it's the strap that's heavy). Maybe I should return this one.....
  4. Definitely keep the mini city tote. Love it and it looks great on you!
  5. Thanks! I do love it too. I didn't realize I'd be able to get it on my shoulder with and without the shoulder strap so that was a bonus.
  6. I actually like the Linea Pelle :smile:. I was eying one on JCmadison (similar style as yours), but it's sold out now. Honestly, I know the mini city is very popular, but I just don't like it much. I would pick that to return. I love the drawstring hobo though.
  7. The drawstring hobo is wonderful! It's just that I would have preferred it in butterscotch... I think if I pre-ordered the butterscotch hobo not being able to return the tobacco one, I'd have to be commited!!! The mini city is nice too (unfortunately for easy decisions). The main negative on it is the cheesy gold hardware. Others have complained about the Anna Corinna leather but I like it alot.
  8. cg - if I were to buy only one of the AC bags in butterscotch the mini city tote or the drawstring hobo -which one you recommend? Thanks.
  9. Out of all those bags, my favorite is the one you like the least!! The tobacco drawstring bag....I say keep it, it's so gorgous and it looks fabulous on you!!!!!!! :smile:
  10. That is tough to answer but I'll give it a go: the hobo is bigger and no cheesy hardware but it has no pockets inside or out (I just ordered a purse organizer but it hasn't come yet). If you don't need pockets, I'd go with the hobo. The mini city is smaller but I like pockets (it has 2 outside and 2 inside and each of them are a decent size).
  11. Just to be fair to Linea Pelle, I am adding this photo. Which one should go back???? Or should I keep them all??? Can I keep them all and still get hobo in butterscotch??? Am I insane????
  12. I love the dark brown too
  13. You knoooooooooowww.....since the drawstring isn't could always sell it on eBay while you are waiting for the butterscotch to come out...

    There aren't many Anna Corinnas on eBay so it might get snatched up for a bit...and you might actually make a profit. Or...if not, at least you make some of your money back.

    But that's me...I've slowly been selling everything I own off on eBay. :wlae::wlae:
  14. I've never sold anything on ebay before but it's an interesting idea. I don't know, maybe I'm just sleep-deprived but I am thinking I don't want to part with any of the bags......I go back and forth, back and forth...
  15. My least favorite is the black bag. I adore the drawstring, and the tobacco is a beautiful shade of brown!