Help, my hands are peeling even though I'm putting lotion on! :(

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if any of you have ever had this problem. For about the past week, week and half, my hands have been peeling. I've never had this problem before and it just came on all of a sudden.

    They don't itch or hurt, my skin is just peeling on some fingers and on my palms (mainly where the finger turns into the palm). Any tips on how to get rid of this?? It's quite annoying and embarrassing :shame:

    I lotion them a few times a day with a thick moisturizing lotion, but once it soaks in, the dryness & flakeyness comes back :sad:
  2. have you started using any new dish washing liquid or other type of cleaner lately? even something that might get on your hands unknowingly on a daily basis?

    i had this problem a while ago and it ended up being a bathroom cleaner spray thing that i thought was ok for contact with skin, but it really wasn't. watch out even with the 'gentle' stuff.

    try some pure aloe vera gel, i think you can pretty easily get it. hopefully that works.

    hmm you can say it doesnt itch, so it can't be eczema...
  3. Not that I can think of, Michelle...The only thing is:

    My cousin started carrying a new line of cosmetics called Living Nature - apparently it's an all natural beauty product from New Zealand. I tried some of her hand lotion, and that's pretty much when the dryness started...But I haven't used the lotion since that first time, and I doubt that the dryness would stick around for nearly 2 weeks!
  4. Are you drinking enough water? Sometimes, we need a little moisture on the inside too!
  5. I drink around 3 liters of water a day :s I can't imagine upping that anymore, lol
  6. I think it could still be eczema even without the itching. Maybe the change in temperature has brought it on?
  7. ^ that could be too...We have had a pretty drastic temp difference int he past few weeks. It's gotten better in the last few days - at least I've got no flaky spots now!
  8. For me, that happens around water but I noticed a change when I started drinking more fluids!
  9. That happened to me once - my hands started peeling like crazy and it lasted over two weeks. I don't know what caused it, but I'm guessing it was a bad manicure I had a few days before. I went to the doctor and after flipping through some med books, she found a picture of someone with severe contact dermatitis and she said it looked like my hands. She ended prescribing some strong hydrocortisone (stronger than the OTC stuff) and I had to wear it, along with thin gloves, all day long. I looked like a dork, but the peeling stopped two days later, and finally my skin grew back and looked like normal again a couple days after that.
  10. my mom was getting freckled like brown dots and her skin was pealing.. it was due to the sun. shes wearing more sunblock and trying to stay out of the sun... and now its gone.