HELP!! My hairdryer nearly caught my hair on fire!

  1. So...I think it's time for a new blowdryer.

    I just bought this one literally 4 weeks ago, but the store refuses to take it back since it was on sale and it is considered a "hygenic item". What in the world? I don't consider a Blow dryer a hygenic item, but anyway. I no longer have the receipt so I don't know if I can send it back to Braun and have them declare it defective or anything.

    Seriously, I have had nothing but problems ever since I bought this thing. It worked great for the first week and a half, and then one time it all of a sudden got super hot and scorced the front part of my hair. I kind of overlooked it and blamed it on myself, since I figured I had accidentally set it on "hot" instead of "warm". So, then last week something fell out of it when I was drying my hair. It's a dome shapped wire thing, and I have no clue where it goes! It doesn't even fit in the blowdryer hole, so don't ask me where it came from! Scared that my hair was going to be sucked into it, I put on one of the attachments and went on drying my hair.

    So...I go to dry my hair today, and all of a sudden smoke and sparks come out of it, and it shuts off. I put it down and let it cool off for about 20 minutes, and then go back to plug it in and turn it on, but nothing happens. So basically, my blowdryer is shot and I had to let my hair air dry (ie. frizz) and used my flat iron.

    Now...I'm in the market for a new (and good!) blowdryer.

    What type do you all use? Any recommendations/suggestions??

    Thank you!!:heart:
  2. The T3 Hair Dryers are so great.
  3. Bio ionic...take the plunge...its like a magical hair dryer...SERIOUSLY..expensive but so worth it. Not only does it not burn your hair, it dries it faster, and also does not damage it AT ALL>>>
  4. Ionic rocks!!

    My daughter broke mine...I need to go get another. I have been using a regular one and totally see the difference!!
  5. i have thick hair and have had a lot of hair and expensive. the one that's lasted me the longest is a conair one! it was cheap, and its ionic, i would highly recommend it if you're looking for an inexpensive one.
  6. I have a Conair one that is inonic too and I've been very happy with it!

  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :roflmfao:
  8. I use the Chi dryer. After my last few caught fire.:Push: I like it-and I also make sure the vent at the back of the dryer stays lint free-with pugs shedding it is easy to clog it up,and that can lead to dryers catching fire,too.
  9. I use a Vidal Sasson Ion Select, it's pretty good.
  10. Thanks for all of your suggestions everyone!

    I used to have a Conair (and I loved it!) but the one I had was only useable for 110 power, not 220. I was so sad :sad:

    I appreciate all of your suggestions!
  11. I use a T3 Turbo and its great! Also theres a 3 yr. warranty
  12. clean the lint trap on back of dryer
  13. I was just going to suggest that! :smile:

    I have a T3 dryer and it is fantastic!
  14. Already done. There wasn't any lint in it.
  15. I have Con Air. Dries my hair really fast.