Help my hair

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  1. I would appreciate anyone who has any advice for me :smile:
    My natural hair is jet black. It's been bleached, dyed black again, bleached breaks so easily. Actually, as I'm typing this I'm realizing there's nothing I can do but cut it off. There's really no help for damaged hair. Duh.
    But MAYBE, just MAYBE someone has a solution for me :P
  2. Have you tried using macadamia oil, or argon oil etc..some kind of deep conditioner to help strengthen and revitalize your hair?
  4. Let me move this for you. The Rants & Raves forum is for reviews only please. :tup:
  5. I know !! I was about to post that it's the wrong thread and the reason I started here was I was reading on what people were saying about biotin and stronger hair etc and I didn't realized till after. Duh. Sorry !
  6. And I also don't know how to deleted a thread I start !!!!
  7. Nexxus Emergencee!
    It's a protein treatment that helps correct damaged hair. Follow the instructions though because too much protein can cause further damage.
    I have used it for over a year now and I love it.
  8. Oh cool thanks !!!! Will def give it a try :biggrin:
  9. I've been using virgin coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment. Slather it on your hair about an hour or 2 before you wash (or sleep with it in) and then shampoo/condition as usual. It helps protect aganst protein loss and it penetrates the hair shaft to soften hair (plus its natural which is a plus).

    I have also had success with the Aveda Damage Remedy treatment, it is a protein treatment as well. Just be warned that too much protein will make your hair feel crunchy so 1-2 times a week is probably enough, and use moisturizing treatments in between.

    I've also heard a lot of great stuff about a line called Aphogee.
  10. Thanks gurzzy I will check it out !
  11. Try bumble and bumble damage therapy( I believe they renamed it since then)....or Sebastian penetrate conditioner.they both helped me when I was over processed.They also have protein in them once your hair is used to it..u need to switch so u don't over do the protein.
    I swear by these two products.
  12. Really ?!?!?! I will try it ! Thanks so much
  13. Nothing you can do to repair it! All you can do is make it look better while it grows out. Because you have bleached it you have removed all the pigment.. thus making it brittle. Your best bet if you are light right now is to put low lights in it (if you still want to be *blonde*) darker hair looks less damaged. Use serum to help with frizz. Let your hair dry on its own, dont use a hair dryer or flat iron if you dont have too. regular cuts to help it have some life while you grow it out.
  14. I just read something about the virgin coconut oil being very good. I have no idea where you get it and I would like to try it. Suggestions on where I should look? Thanks.
  15. I found mine in the heath food section of the grocery store. Any kind of specialized heath food store would have it as well. Make sure you get unrefined virgin coconut oil. Its in solid form at 76 degrees but you can scrape some onto your hands and rub them together to turn it into oil. Its also really good for you internally (ie. eating it) and for your skin. There is a lot of stuff about it online.